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Chrisean Rock
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March 14, 2000
Baltimore, Maryland
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Baddies South (season 2)
Baddies West (season 3)
Baddies East (season 4)
39 episodes
Baddies South
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Loren Jordan (formerly)
Baddies East
Victoria "Woah Vicky" Waldrip
Latifa "Tesehki" Malone (Sister)
Natalie Nunn
Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago (formerly)
Removed from the house in Baddies South
Left the house in Baddies West
Left the house in Baddies East
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She almost forty, actin’ like a lil’ bitch!

Chrisean Malone (also known as Chrisean Rock) is an original baddie on Baddies South. Chrisean is currently 24 years old and resides in Baltimore, Maryland.

She originally starred in a different reality show titled South Central Baddies on NowThatsTV. She also appeared in an Onlyfans reality show titled Blue Girls Club, where she got in a fight that cost her one of her front teeth.

She would also appear on her and Blueface's own Zeus Network show, titled Crazy in Love, which chronicled their love life.

She starred as a main cast member for Baddies South where she most notably got into many altercations with fellow cast members such as Persuasian, Rollie, and Slim. She would also form a close friendship with Jela.

She returned as a main cast member for Baddies West with her friend DJ Sky High Baby, where she once again got into fights with newer cast members such as Lo London and Natalie Nunn. She didn't attend the reunion due her pregnancy.

While on Baddies East, she would get into it with Ahna Mac and also Woah Vicky, after she was caught liking one of Blueface's posts on the internet. This would also result in her feud with her sister and fellow cast member Tesehki, which would also bring her friends, Marsh and Janet, into the mix. However, she would leave the show midway, for the sake of her pregnancy and didn't attend the reunion again. She would also not return for any future seasons of Baddies.


Baddies South[]

Baddie Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5-7 Episode 8-11 Episode 12
Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean
  1. Chrisean is removed from the house in episode 12 after being arrested by U.S Marshalls.
  2. Chrisean made an apareance in the season finale

Baddies West[]

Baddie Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5-7 Episode 8-10 Episode 11
Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean
  1. Chrisean is volutarily left the house in episode 11 after an altercation with Natalie.
  2. Chrisean made an appearance in the season finale.

Baddies East[]

Baddie Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-4 Episode 5 Episode 6
Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean Chrisean
  1. Chrisean voluntarily left the house in episode 6 to focus on her pregnancy.
  2. Chrisean is replaced by Sapphire in episode 8


Image Opponents Episode
ChriseanElliadria1 Elliadria I Cleaned You Up
ChriseanSlim Slim Cashville Ten-a-key!
RockJelaSlimRollie Rollie


BaddiesSouthBrawl Baddies South Reunion I
ChriseanSlim2 Slim Baddies South Reunion II
SuaRockNatRollie Elliadria Baddies South Reunion III
ChriseanLoren1 Loren Welcome to LA
ChriseanLoren2 Stunna Vs Everybody
ChriseanNatalie Natalie Messy Bestie
TesehkiJumped Tesehki Greener Grass


  • Prior to appearing on Baddies, Chrisean starred on Blue Girls Club, Blueface's version of Bad Girls Club that streamed on OnlyFans.
  • Chrisean gained more fame after her appearance on Baddies South.
  • Shortly after her appearance on Baddies South, Chrisean was given her own reality show on Zeus called Crazy In Love, documenting her relationship with Blueface.
  • Chrisean did not attend the Baddies West reunion due to her pregnancy.
  • Her older sister Tesehki Malone is also a cast member on Baddies East, making them the first sister pair to star on the show.
  • She is one of 12 siblings.
  • Chrisean also did not attend the Baddies East reunion due to her recently giving birth.


Baddies South[]

Baddies West[]

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