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Charmaine vs. Sydney and Lauren
Season 6: Hollywood
Between Char Warren, Sydney Steinfeldt, and Lauren Spears
Number of Fights 1

Charmaine vs. Sydney & Lauren is the physical altercation between Char Warren , Sydney Steinfeldt , and Lauren Spears in the sixth season's reunion of Bad Girls Club.


After calling Char out, Sydney pushes Char’s face. Char stands up and punches Sydney in the face meanwhile Ashley stands up to grab Char from behind in attempt to break up the fight. Sydney then repeatedly punches Char on the side of her head while Char was being held back. Char then grabs Sydney’s hair and holds it while trying to get her arm free from security before punching Sydney on her hair. Security breaks up the fights and Lauren stands up to yank on her hair and tries to hit Char.

Winner: Tie



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