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I will drop my Louis Vuitton and snatch a bitch, just that quick!
Catya Washington
Bad Girl Information
The Elite Player
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 5: Miami
8 episodes
Kristen Guinane
Lea Beaulieu
Morgan Osman
Brandi Arceneaux
Danielle Rosario
Erica Langston
Removed from the house in Season 5
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Catya "Cat" Washington (also known as The Elite Player) is an original bad girl on Season 5. Cat is currently 31 years old and she resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


This one time tomboy from Philadelphia turned in her boyish ways for the glamorous girly lifestyle. Having dated both rappers and celebrities, Catya is accustomed to the finer things in life and plans on living the life of luxury as long as she can. With her curvaceous body that turns heads and an attitude to match, Cat has a way of getting whatever she wants, whenever she wants.


Season 5

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6
Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat Cat
  1. Cat voluntarily left the house in episode 6 after she felt like she was too classy for the house.


Opponents Episode


Where's The Money Honey?

Random Girl

Beach Blanket Bad Girls


Reunion Part II


  • Her favorite mascara is Dior- Runway Show
  • Her favorite fragrance is Me Cherie by Dior.
  • She can't leave the house without her Blackberry.
  • Her must-read magazines are Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.
  • Her fashion icon is Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Her favorite fashion designer is Louis Vuitton.
  • Her favorite band is Greenday.
  • Her biggest pet peeve is name droppers.
  • Her favorite vacation spot is Jamaica.
  • Cat wants to see Nicole Richie in the house.
  • She previously dated rapper Drake.


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