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Catya, Lea and Kristen vs Beach Girls
Season 5: Miami
Between Catya Washington, Kristen Guinane, Lea Beaulieu, Random Girls

Catya, Lea and Kristen vs. Beach Girls Round 2 is a speculated and unaired fight that occurred after the aired fight between Catya, Lea and Kristen and the outsiders at the beach in episode 5.


According to several eyewitnesses, this fight allegedly happened 10-15 mins after the beach fight in a parking lot/open space. After fighting Catya, Lea and Kristen at the beach, (leading the bad girls club to leave the scene) the outsiders from the beach came back with their friends to fight the girls.

At this point, the beach girls and their friends tried to rush Catya and one of these girls began arguing with Cat. Lea came up behind this girl and pushed her into Cat. Catya began beating up the girl whilst Kristen held/pulled her hair and Lea also apparently fought another one of girl's friends. Despite the outsider having multiple friends there, when they saw how brutally Cat was fighting they did not attempt to get involved or help their friend.

The crew filmed the entire fight, Catya supposedly beat the outsider up for 5 minutes and production did not break it up until they heard sirens. The girls and crew left at this point, the outsider was bleeding and crying on the pavement until the ambulance took her away.

Several frames of this fight can be seen in the BGC5 supertrailer and here. However this is the only footage of the fight to be aired and the full argument and fight remains unreleased/unknown.

Winner: Tie