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1 "Welcome to Miami Beyotch" August 3, 2010 1.34[15]
Seven brassy, sassy self-proclaimed bad girls arrive in Miami and try to live together under one roof. Morgan's bad attitude causes a rift in the pack, leading to a huge brawl that shakes the house. 
2 "Check Your Baggage" August 10, 2010 1.57[16]
Lea's birthday celebrations take a sour turn when she and her roommates are at the center of a huge fight.

Note:      Morgan is removed from the house. 

3 "Where's The Money Honey" August 17, 2010 1.54[17]
Erica separates herself from the group when the girls visit a tattoo parlour, leaving the rest of her roommates to wonder why she joined the club. Meanwhile, an unforgiving Catya gets revenge on Erica's fling Jeff after his bad attitude leaves her feeling wronged. 
4 "Talkin' Smack" August 24, 2010 1.47[18]
Erica goes against the house when they hatch a plan to haze new girl Kayleigh. Danielle discloses information about a past heroin addiction, and is pushed to the limit when Brandi uses it against her.

Note:      Kayleigh replaces Morgan. 

5 "Beach Blanket Bad Girls" August 31, 2010 N/A
A friendship splinters due to Brandi's unreturned crush on Lea. Meanwhile, an argument at the beach results in nasty ripple effects, with Kayleigh's loyalty emerging as an issue. 
6 "Jamaican Me Crazy" September 14, 2010 N/A
Kristen sets her sights on Kayleigh after drama ensues on an exotic getaway in Negril, Jamaica. An unexpected exit leaves some of the roommates shocked and bewildered.

Note:      Catya voluntarily leaves the house. 

7 "Threesome's A Crowd" September 21, 2010 1.87[19]
Kayleigh hangs on tight as she fears her time in the house may be running out. Lea finds herself at the center of a sticky situation after her newfound alliance with one "bad girl" leads to problems with another.

Note:      Kayleigh voluntarily leaves the house. 

8 "Departures and Arrivals" September 28, 2010 1.72[20]
Kristen and Lea prey on the vulnerability of one roommate, leading to another departure. Meanwhile, unforeseen company arrives which shakes the house.

Notes:      Danielle voluntarily leaves the house.      Ashley and Christina becomes the replacement girls for Catya and Kayleigh. 

9 "Life's a Bleach" October 5, 2010 1.77[21]
Christina locks horns with mansion power players Lea and Kristen, leading to a messy dispute. 
10 "Who Runs Miami?" October 19, 2010 1.70[22]
An alienated Christina takes a hiatus from house drama and finds solace in season 4 bad girl, Natalie Nunn. Brandi's failed attempt at being forgiven by Lea results in a meltdown which drives a further wedge in their relationship. 
11 "Brandi On The Rocks" October 26, 2010 1.54[23]
When her wallet goes missing, a stormy Brandi runs amok and cuts a swath of destruction in her wake. Elsewhere, Kristen's resentment is at a high boil, courtesy of Lea.

Note:      Brandi is kicked out of the house. 

12 "The Wicked Witch of Key West" November 2, 2010 1.73[24]
Brandi's parting words manifest into strong feelings of distrust between top dogs Lea and Kristen. A vacation to Key West has disastrous consequences, putting an end to Kristen's reign and cutting her journey short.

Note:      Kristen was removed from the house. 

13 "Punching Out" November 9, 2010 1.71[25]
Ashley steps up to the plate as the house tires of Christina once and for all, leading to a fight which ends the season on a cliffhanger. Amist the chaos, two erstwhile roomies make an uninvited return, leaving a parting gift that will go down in history.

Notes:      Christina is removed from the house.      Kristen and Morgan return in this episode. 

14 "Reunion — Part 1" November 16, 2010 2.07[26]
The season 5 "bad girls" reunite for one last time to discuss their actions. Tensions reach a fever pitch between Christina and Ashley, and Kristen also comes under fire by several of the girls. 
15 "Reunion — Part 2" November 23, 2010 1.90[27]
The conclusion of a reunion edition features the Miami roomies recalling the peaks and troughs of a whirlwind journey. Kristen is backed into a corner when Erica, Lea and Kayleigh join forces. 
16 "BGC: Top 10 OMG's" November 30, 2010 1.14[28]
Various Bad Girls Alumni count down the 10 best moments from seasons 1 through 5 of Bad Girls Club

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