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Cat Scratch Fever
Bad Girls Club: New Orleans
Season 7, Episode 7
Air date September 12, 2011
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Cat Scratch Fever is the seventh episode of the seventh season of Bad Girls Club. It aired on September 12, 2011.


The episode picks up with the fight among Tiara, Nastasia, and Judi in the limo, which lands Shelly and Angie in jail for the evening. While they are gone, the other girls go to a hotel to cool off for the night. Angelic and Shelly return home to find their possessions trashed. A physical altercation occurs between Angelic and Tiara. While Angelic and Shelly were in jail, a prank war had started among Judi, Priscilla, and Tasha. Meanwhile, Angelic, Priscilla, and Tasha model for the House of Lounge lingerie and New Orleans Fashion Week. While out at a strip club, Angelic and Tiara engage in another physical altercation, which ends their friendship.