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Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
Bad Girls Club: New Orleans
Season 7, Episode 12
Air date October 24, 2011
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Can't Teach Old Dogs New Tricks is the twelfth episode of the seventh season of Bad Girls Club. It aired on October 24, 2011.


The episode starts with the fight between Nastasia and Tasha. Tasha calls the cops on Nastasia. Tasha decides to leave the house. Nastasia and Judi make up and Tiara tells Nastasia that Angelic told her that it was Shelly who messed with her contacts. Nastasia makes a plan to attack Shelly on the last day. Judi, Shelly, Angelic, and Cheyenne raise money for an animal charity. Judi and Cheyenne get in an argument. The girls are all sick of Cheyenne's dirty ways, being rude, and leaving a mess everywhere, so Nastasia, Judi, and Tiara decide to throw her bed into the pool. Tiara wants Cheyenne to leave.


  • Tasha is removed from the house.