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Camilla vs. ET & Rollie
Baddies East
Between Camilla Poindexter, Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin and Gia "Rollie" Mayham
Number of Fights 1
Episodes Baddies East: The Reunion Pt. 2

Camilla vs. ET & Rollie is the physical altercation between Camilla Poindexter with Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin and Gia "Rollie" Mayham which occured on the reunion of Baddies East.

Shortly after Camilla and Rollie have their fight, Camilla attacks Rollie from behind, hitting her once, causing Rollie to turn around and start to swing. Scarface randomly turns around and starts swinging at Camilla but fails. Rollie and Scarface both try to attack Camilla at the same time, but fail because Camilla is protected by security. Camilla kicks Scarface but fails. Camilla decided to leave, and the reunion continues without her.

Winner: Camilla