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Camilla Vs. Natalie
Baddies East
Between Camilla Poindexter, and Natalie Nunn
Number of Fights 3
Episodes "No Promo"

Natalie vs Camilla is the physical altercation between Camilla Poindexter and Natalie Nunn on the fourth season of Baddies called Baddies East.


Round 1[]

When Camilla, Siya, Sky and Rollie discuss about and prepare for the promo-shoot, Natalie and some of the other girls enter. Natalie hugs Sky and Camilla prepares to hug Natalie too. However, she didn’t acknowledge their internet beef prior the show. Instead of hugging Camilla alike Sky, Natalie throws her red bull can at Camilla’s head and Natalie tries to swing on Camilla but Camilla reaches out her hand and blocks it, knocking herself back onto the couch, Natalie leaps onto the couch and swings on Camilla, Camilla blocks and swings as well, Natalie jumped on Camilla and pulled Camilla’s hair, Natalie hit Camilla once until security somehow ended up on Camilla, Natalie continued to grab Camilla’s hair until other security guards pulled Natalie off.

Winner: Natalie

Round 2[]


After the first round, Natalie squares up to Camilla. As she proceeds closer to her, Camilla begins squaring up too, Natalie swings on Camilla but misses as Camilla grabs her and Natalie tries to swing but gets thrown onto the table by Camilla, Camilla starts hitting Natalie’s back as Natalie is on the table and Natalie falls, security grabs Natalie and other security guards grab Camilla.

Winner: Camilla

Round 3[]


Natalie gets up with the assistance of security and squabbles with Camilla some more before shifting herself in front of security to swing on Camilla again Natalie threw her wig off before deciding to swing again, Camilla starts swinging and connects 1 swing, Natalie connects two and they continue swinging, nothing else connects but Natalie attempts to pull Camilla’s hair but fails, security guards then separate them.

Winner: Tie