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Camilla vs. Elease
Bad Girls All-Star Battle 2
Between Camilla Poindexter and Elease Donovan
Number of Fights 2

Camilla vs. Elease is the physical altercations between Camilla Poindexter and Elease Donovan in the eighth season's reunion of Bad Girls Club, and the second season of Bad Girls All-Star Battle


Bad Girls All-Star Battle (Season 2)[]

Round 1

Camilla and Elease reconciled for a short period of time when Camilla convinces Elease to take one out for her Red team. In a challenge, Elease fails to do what Camilla hopes, allowing the Gold Team to lose. Camilla reacts by throwing Elease's items into the pool, while Elease tries to talk to her, Camilla hits Elease and Elease blocks the first 2 hits, but bends down and Camilla continues to hit Eleases back.

Winner: Camilla

Round 2


In a second altercation, Elease fails to keep Camilla safe from elimination. Camilla is eliminated from the competition, and she warns Elease before grabbing her hair and attacking her on the seats. Camilla grabs Elease’s hair from behind, and as the girls try to break them up Elease quickly grabs a piece of Camilla’s hair and wraps her legs around her. Elease swings on Camilla but misses her hits except for the last punch to Camilla's face, Camilla then drags Elease off the bleachers, to the floor and as the girls are pulling Camilla away from Elease, Camilla quickly attempts to swing back on Elease but misses her punch to Elease's face and the fight ends there.

Winner: Camilla



BGC8 Reunion - Camilla Vs Elease Round 2 Unedited


BGC8 Reunion - Camilla Vs Elease Round 5 Unedited


BGASB2 - Camilla VS Elease (Round 1)-0


BGASB2 - Camilla vs Elease Round 2 Unedited