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Camilla vs. Amy, Demitra and Elease
Season 8: Las Vegas
Between Camilla Poindexter, Amy Cieslowski, Demitra Roche and Elease Donovan

Camilla vs. Amy, Demitra, and Elease is the physical altercation between Camilla PoindexterAmy CieslowskiDemitra Roche, and Elease Donovan in the eighth season of Bad Girls Club. As a result of this, Camilla is removed from the house.


Mimi, Elease, and Amy scheme to get Camilla out of the house. Mimi walks into Camilla's room and takes all the stuff that Camilla has on the lamp stand. Camilla repeatedly asks why before pushing Mimi down on the lamp stand. As Mimi tries to kick Camilla while on the floor, Amy and Elease end up jumping in and start attacking Camilla.

Winner: Camilla



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