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Camilla vs. Amy
Season 8: Las Vegas
Between Camilla Poindexter and Amy Cieslowski
Number of Fights 2

Camilla vs. Amy is the physical altercations between Camilla Poindexter and Amy Cieslowski in the eighth season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 1[]

Camilla and Amy were both drunk, and they were both actually liking each other. They had a romantic moment in the shower, however, after that, problems started coming out when Camilla got out of the shower naked while Amy didn’t want to come out Because it was uncomfortable for her to be naked in front of the cameraman.

Camilla tried to force Amy to come out but Amy doesn’t let her and tells Camilla to stay away from her. Camilla begins to taunt Amy and after Amy manages to put some clothes on, she confronts Camilla and asks what her problem is, causing Camilla to shove Amy to the ground. Amy gets up and starts throwing punches at Camilla, Camilla tries to block them, Amy manages to get some hits on Camilla but after that they both throw punches at each other, slapping each other in the face at the same time. Camilla pulls Amy’s hair and Amy grabs Camilla’s shirt, security comes in and Amy hits Camilla in the head two times, Camilla also gets some hits in and the fight is finally broken up.

Winner: Camilla

Round 2[]


Camilla angrily calls her mother and tells her what happened between her, Mimi, Amy, and Elease. When Camilla spots Amy, she drops the phone with her mother still on and runs to Amy. They end up fighting and her mother hangs up at the end of the fight. The producer calls Camilla and tells her to go home.

Winner: Camilla



BGC8 - Camilla VS Amy (Round 3) HD 1080p


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