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Camilla and Danni vs. Jada and Rocky
Season 13: Redemption
Between Camilla Poindexter, Danni Victor, Jada Cacchilli and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago
Episodes Mama Drama

Jada Vs. Camilla is the physical altercation between Jada Cacchilli, Camilla Poindexter, Danielle "Danni" Victor and Raquel "Rocky" Santiago on the thirteenth season of bad girls club.


While coming back from the club, Camilla states that she will punch whoever took her camera in Hawaii. Jada says that she would punch Camilla back, causing Camilla throw water all over Jada. Jada got up and said that she loved water. Camilla calls Jada's mom a crackhead for a third time. Jada swings at Camilla but misses. Jada throws a heel that hit Danni in the eyebrow and the second hit Camilla in the face but misses. Camilla continues to call Jada's mom a crack head and Rocky attempts to go after her.

Winner: Tie


Jada, Rocky, and Julie are put in a different van. Danni begins to scream because of the scar that Jada gave her from the heel. Danni begins to kick and throw things around the house. Jada is kicked out for throwing a heels and has her final session with Laura.



BGC13 - Camilla VS jada (Round 2)


  • This fight caused Jada to sent home since she threw her heels at Camilla but struck Danni in the face causing Danni to get injured
  • This is the first fight where a bad girl was sent home for throwing a makeshift weapon at another bad girl