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Brynesha vs. Zee
Season 16: Social Disruption
Between Brynesha "Talone" Seegers and Zee Carrino
Number of Fights 3
Episodes Shabully and GermWarfare

Brynesha vs. Zee are multiple physical altercations that occured between Brynesha "Talone" Seegers and Zee Carrino in throughout Season 16: Social Disruption.

#ShaBully (Round 1)[]


It all started when Brynesha told Tabatha that Zee was fake. Tabatha then told Zee about what Brynesha said. Zee ran up the stairs and walked into Brynesha's room. Brynesha was sleep at the time. She woke up when Zee came in her room screaming. They both started to argue. Brynesha then sat back down and Zee poured some water on her and Brynesha punched her in the face. While Brynesha was punching Zee in the face, Zee pinned Brynesha to the bed and brutally punched Brynesha continuously. When security came and took Zee off Brynesha, Brynesha got pinned down and manhandled by security but Brynesha manages to escape from their hold, stomping Zee in the stomach really hard until security took her away . After the two were seperated, Brynesha pushed the security guard down and ran to go fight Zee again, failing miserably as Elliadria ran after Brynesha & held her back.

Winner: Brynesha

#ShaBully (Round 2)[]


Round 2: After coming from the club, Brynesha was ready to fight. She walked into Zee's room and asked her if she wanted to see her. Zee woke up and stared blankly. Brynesha walked out of the room and Zee got up. Brynesha stood outside the door and her & Zee started going back and forth. Brynesha then runs in the room and gets into Zee's face. Zee pushed Brynesha and Brynesha starting swinging on Zee without connecting, Zee tackled her to the bed and started to pin Brynesha, Brynesha manages to hit Zee in the shoulder as Zee puts her in a headlock choking Brynesha so she couldn't swing or scream anymore. Security came and threw them on the ground. Brynesha and Zee started kicking each other as Zee slammed Brynesha until security and Adryan broke it up. At one point during the fight, Brynesha stomped Zee again.

Winner: Brynesha

#GERMWARFARE (Round 3)[]

Round 3: After kicking Kailie out of the house, Brynesha is feeling some type of way towards Zee. Her and


Zee start arguing downstairs. Brynesha tries to intimidate Xee but she fails because Zee wasn't scared, Brynesha keeps trying as hard as she !can to bother Zee, so Brynesha begins putting her hands in Zee's face and Zee begins swatting her hand away. Brynesha then throws a punch at Zee and the two start fighting in the phoneroom. Both out each other on a headlock, Brynesha throws hits anr Zee and lands around 4 hits on the back of Zee's head, while Zee does the same thing hitting Brynesha in the face and top of her head. When Zee has Brynesha against the wall of the phoneroom, Adryan tries to break it up. Security comes to try and take away Zee, who has a hold of Brynesha's hair and is swinging at her. Brynesha sees that Zee fell in the phoneroom chair and throws a punch at Zee's face, but misses.

Winner: Brynesha



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