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Brynesha vs. Kandyce
Season 16: Social Disruption
Between Brynesha "Talone" Seegers and Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan
Episodes ShaBye

Brynesha vs. Kandyce is a physical altercation between Brynesha "Talone" Seegers and Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan on the last episode of the Season 16: Social Disruption. This was the last fight in the Season 16 house.


Kandy tried to seduce Brynesha and attempted to kiss and have sex with her multiple times however brynesha was uncomfortable with that and refused, so Kandy kept insisting and stalking her.

After an intense video chat between Brynesha, Kandy and Brynesha's mom, Kandy is furious with Brynesha. Kandy decides to confront Brynesha and say that if her mom threatens her again, she will beat Brynesha up.

Brynesha laughs at her comment and then they both start to argue, she tells Kandy she won’t argue with her all the time so Kandy tells her to come around and fight her to end the fight for once and for all. Brynesha accepts the challenge and gets up as Kandy takes off her jacket, when they both were face to face Brynesha tries to say something but Kandy interrupts her with a hard slap in the face.

Kandy slaps Brynesha in the face and Brynesha punched Kandy on the face quickly before throwing punches at Kandy's shoulder, Kandy turns her and looked away to avoid Brynesha’s punches. Two men from security come and try to break them up as Kandy pulls Brynesha’s hair as Brynesha keeps swinging but a little bit of her hits didn’t connect, until they get separated by security.

Winner: Brynesha


After the fight, Kandy and Brynesha start arguing again. In the middle of the argument, Kandy calls Brynesha's kids ugly. Seeing that this angered Brynesha, Kandy says that Brynesha's kids look like twin gorillas. This makes Brynesha go crazy and she starts screaming at the security gaurd to let her go. The security guard takes her outside and tries to calm her down. That night, Brynesha decides to leave for her sanity and Kandy's safety. When Brynesha leaves, Kandy writes rude comments on Bynesha's picture and has the girls in the house read it out-loud. This is also the last fight of the season.



BGC 16- Kandyce Vs Brynesha -Unedited- (HD)