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Brynesha "Talone" Seegers
Bad Girl Information
November 25, 1992
Washington, D.C.
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 16: Social Disruption
12 episodes
Adryan Jones
Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin
Kailie Lima
Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan
Zee Carrino
Left the house in Season 16
Social Media

Brynesha "Talone" Seegers (@talonemusic) is an original bad girl on Season 16. Brynesha is currently 24 years old and she resides in Washington, D.C.


Talone may only be 4'11", but this pint size rapper wants to be heared. After posting a video called "B*tch You Knew", she gained 17k followers overnight. She hates fake girls and if her roommates are not 100% real, she plans to use them as inspiration for her next hit song. Talone claims most girls don't like her blunt personality and the way she runs her mouth. This bad girl hopes her time in the mansion will teach her how to keep her composure and set a better example for her twin daughters.


Season 16: Social Disruption

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-5 Episodes 6-9 Episodes 10
Brynesha Brynesha Brynesha Brynesha Brynesha
  1. Brynesha voluntarily left the house on the season finale after a physical altercation with Kandyce.


Image Opponents Episode
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BryneshaKandyce.gif Kandyce #ShaBye