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Brittany vs Dalila is a fight between Brittany "Britt" Britton and Dalila Ortiz on the twelfth season of Bad Girls Club.

Round 1 (Insults and Injuries)[]

New girl Dalila walked into the house causing trouble from the start. She called Blu and Aysia dykes, Alex skinny, Jada a fake black person, and Loren ghetto. Britt getting tires of her antics, told Dalila stop talking and not to take a step towards her. Dalila was about to say something, but Britt punched her in the jaw causing her to fall. Britt was on top of her punching and slamming her head into the ground as Dalila tried to push Britt away to get off of her. Security came and both girls kicked each other. While Dalila was getting her bloody lip checked out, Britt was reasoning with the girls for why she she beat her up. The girls feel like Britt didn't need to beat her up the way she did. Production makes Britt go to a hotel and they send her home the next day. Britt says that she shouldn't beat up Jada instead of Dalila and promises to do so at the reunion.

Winner: Britt

Round 2 (Reunion Fight)[]

As Dalila approaches Brittany at the Reunion to pretend to hug her, Britt asks her to do the best high-five she can do but only to be slapped and punched on the face by Dalila and Britt punches Dalila back on her face and then as security carries Dalila away from Britt she slips and falls down onto the floor of the stage and the fight ends there with Dalila being removed from the Reunion stage.

Winner: Tie