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Briana vs. Kiyanna
Season 17: East meets West
Between Briana "Bri" Walker and Kiyanna Bygrave

Cause of the fight

Right After Bri fought Francesca, she went to the living room to chill and calm down a little bit. However, Kiki appeared angry to confront her about the situation because she wanted to know the reason, Bri tells her to leave and to get out of her face because she wasn’t in the mood of fighting, Kiki kept insisting and bothering Bri saying she felt the order to defend Fran, Bri told her to defend her in that case, making Kiki push her onto the wall, starting a fight.

The fight

Kiki pushes Bri hard onto the wall, Bri immediately grabs Kiki’s hair and starts throwing punches at her head, Kiki tries to fight back but struggles, security quickly comes there to try to separate them, and Bri manages to punch her in the head two times before being broken up, Bri almost trips with a plant near them.

Winner: Briana


Security took and separated Brianna out of the room while Kiki screamed and complained as Shay and Seven were looking