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Briana vs. Keyaira is a series of fights between Briana "Bri" Walker and Keyaira "Key" Hamilton featured on The Seventeenth Season of The Bad Girls Club.

Briana vs. Keyaira
Season 17: East Meets West
Between Briana "Bri" Walker and Keyaira "Key" Hamilton
Number of Fights 2


Round 1

While Bri is outside crying due to missing her friends, Key comes out. She had recently found out she lost her Uncle and was upset that Bri was crying over something that petty. Bri decides to come inside and remove herself from the situation. When talking to Deshayla and Kiki, Key comes into the room and asks ”You asked me if I’m talking s***.” Key tries to swing but Bri holds her hands back saying ”Don’t be in my face.” That leads to Key grabbing Bri’s neck and pushing her back. Bri pushes Key away and Key starts to jump, ready to fight. Key starts swinging but is outdone by Bri who starts beating on the top of her head. Key hit Briana's arm and Briana had continued punching while security was in the way. The fight continues until security breaks it up.

Winner: Bri


Round 2

This fight begins with Bri in her room gathering a few of her things, while a ready Key attempts to ambush her from behind. Just having barely enough time to turn and defend, Bri and Key begin fighting as Bri attempts to bring Key on the bed but fails, leaving herself at a disadvantage as Key begins hitting her on the bed, grabbing her hair viciously as Bri grunts in pain, attempting to beat Key as she ruins her hair, grabbing it as Bri struggles to free herself and attempting to fight her off. The security guards are able to step in to attempt to separate them, but still viciously pulling unto Bri's hair from the front, Briana actually managed to get a few punches in on Keys arm/stomach while once separated, Bri kicks Key away from her. Key is able to pull out a chunk of her hair as the security guards intervene. Bri casually says Key pushed her on the bed as she tells what happened to Kiyanna and Fran as Key holds Bri's yanked out hair, looking somewhat satisfied as she pulled it apart looking at the ripped out hair. This was a plan made by Keyaira and Seven to ambush Kiyanna and Briana when they were not ready.

Winner: Key