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Briana vs. Francesca
Season 17: East Meets West
Between Briana "Bri" Walker and Francesca Jacovino
Number of Fights 2
Episodes Strike Up a Match, Balls to the Wall, Swimming with Sharks

Round 1[]

On the way back from the club, Briana has to pee. Since the driver won't pull over, Briana pees in a bottle and gets a little on the floor. Fran starts talking mess about her, so Briana bites off her nails and pulls back her hair ready to fight. When they get home, Briana tells Fran to fight but Kiyanna stands between them. Tired of talking, Briana punches Fran in the face. Fran kicks her in retaliation and the two start fighting. It ends with Fran getting a black eye and a busted lip.

Winner: Bri

Round 2[]


Fran, still mad about her first fight with Briana, decides that she wants to fight her again. In the beauty room, Fran begins yelling at Briana telling her to fight her. Key tells her that Fran should run up instead since she's the one with the problem, not Briana. This causes Key and Kiyanna to fight in the confessional. Right after Key and Kiyanna fight, Fran starts yelling at Briana calling her a escort and a hoe. Briana, not phased by the comments, begins twerking. Fran then runs up and punches Briana on her chest and then when security comes whilst at the same time Briana quickly punches Fran on her head but then Briana repeatedly punches Francesca in the head multiple times and rips out her extensions while security tries to pull them apart.

Winner: Bri



BGC17 Briana Vs Francesca (Round 2) Unedited (HD)


BGC17 Briana Vs Francesca Unedited (Round 1) (HD)-0