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Briana Vs. Kandyce is a fight between Briana "Bri" Walker and Kandyce "Kandy" Hogan. This is one of the few fights between two bad girls that wasn't filmed on the show.


During the airing of Season 17: East Meets West, Kandy and Briana were good friends. They had sleepovers, hostings and were often seen at clubs together. But apparently Kandy began bad mouthing Briana sometime during September 2017. Word got back to Briana, who didn't take to kindly to the things being said about her. Briana proceeded to go on Instagram Live and told everyone that she knew were Kandy lived and had no problem pulling up. Briana went with a friend to the parking lot of Kandy's apartment complex and waited for her to come out. Kandy comes out and the two begin to argue. All of a sudden, the two of them ran up on each other and began fighting. Kandy slams Briana to the ground by her hair and Briana is punching Kandy in the head. Then Briana flips Kandy over and begins punching her, while Kandy is kicking and pulling hair. Briana's friend, Kandy's friend, and a neighbor start breaking up the fight. we hear Briana, her friend and the neighbor telling Kandy to let go of Briana's hair and to stop kicking her. The video then ends.

Winner: Briana


After Kandy let's go of Briana's hair, Briana and her friend go to the hospital because Briana got kicked in her eye really hard by Kandy. Kandy proceeds to go on Instagram Live and says that Briana's eye is messed up because Kandy was kicking her in the face. Briana waits two weeks until she shows her face to the public.



BGC- Briana vs. Kandy (IG Live)