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Breaking and Entering
Bad Girls Club: LA (Part 3)
Season 3, Episode 1
Air date December 2, 2008
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Breaking and Entering is the first episode in the third season of Bad Girls Club. It aired on December 2, 2008, with total of 0.807 viewers.


The season begins with Sarah packing and arriving at the mansion. She cannot enter the mansion yet, though, because it appears to be locked so she has to wait outside. Amber B. arrives shortly after, and the two become close friends, having mutual interests. Whitney and Tiffany are the next to appear. Amber M. and Ailea arrive afterwards, and Kayla is the last to pull up. Since no one seems to have the key, the girls start looking for it all around the place, which quickly sets Amber B. in bad mood. She takes a stick and breaks a glass door at the back of the mansion. The gang enter the luxurious mansion in awe and everyone quickly spots their new bedrooms. Amber M. is a bit unsatisfied because no shoes fit her. Eventually, the girls head to a bar to celebrate their new home, but they get kicked out of several places for fighting with Kayla being the core of trouble. The next day, Amber M. accidentally offends Ailea who later instigates a huge scandal against Amber. She apologizes, and everything is forgiven for the first time. Not wanting any drama this time, the girls go out to dinner. There, strangers start making comments that upset Kayla. She quickly gets angry and throws a drink, which leads to her getting kicked out.