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Biggie Vs. Smiley
Baddies East
Between Damerlin "Biggie" Baez and Krystal "Smiley" Borrego
Number of Fights 1

Biggie Vs. Smiley is the physical altercation between Damerlin "Biggie" Baez and Krystal "Smiley" Borrego during the reunion of the fourth season of baddies called Baddies East.


Prior to the hosting of the reunion, Smiley approaches Biggie’s trailer to discuss some of the confessionals made about her during the show by Biggie. Biggie explains that during the show, Smiley claimed she would be willing to get onto Rollie for Biggie but never arrived to doing that. Smiley defends herself by stating that she doesn’t have to comply under Biggie’s orders. This aggravates Biggie, resulting in the argument becoming more tense and Biggie slaps Smiley across the face before quickly backing off past security. Smiley throws punches through security, missing most but the ones that do connect only hit Biggie's arm. In addition, Biggie also snatches a piece of Smiley’s wig off past security. The fight was eventually fully broken up by security and Smiley repetitively smashes her hand against glass, resulting in Smiley’s fist bleeding out across the trailer and alerting Camilla.

Winner: Biggie