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Meatball Vs. Gretch
Baddies Caribbean
Between Gretchen "Big Gretch" Cotto and Dayija "Meatball" Blackwell
Number of Fights 4

Round 1[]


Due to them already having beef before being in the house (confirmed by Diamond The Body), Meatball would sneak Big Gretch and punches her in the face.

Winner: Meatball

Round 2[]


In Round 2, they would go at it again and Meatball starts punching Big Gretch and Big Gretch hits Meatball on the side of her head once and drags Meatball's hair while security breaks it up.

Winner: Tie

Round 3[]


In Round 3, they would go at it for the third time while Meatball slips on her own wig and Big Gretch starts grabbing Meatball and Meatball gets on top of Big Gretcj and starts punching her.

Winner: Meatball

Round 4[]


In Round 4, they would go at it for the fourth time during a house meeting in Puerto Rico, and Meatball asks Big Gretch to fight her and Big Gretch punches her and grabs her at the same time, while Meatball flips her onto the floor and starts punching her.

Winner: Meatball