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Big Gretch vs. Jela, Meatball and Slim
Baddies Caribbean
Between Big Gretch and Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier, Dayija "Meatball" Blackwell, Slim2Bad
Number of Fights 1
Episodes Don't Get Too Comfortable

After getting into a fight with Meatball, Big Gretch drops the n-word out of anger. The house confronts Gretch for using the n-word despite not being black. Gretch tells the girls that she doesn't give a f*ck, which angers Jela and leads her to leap over the couch and try to swing on Gretch. Slim and Meatball charge at Gretch from the side and jump her. Slim and Meatball are pushed away by security, but Jela sneaks by and gets some hits in on Gretch. Jela and Gretch fall to the floor, and Gretch bites Jela in the chest during the struggle.

Winner: Jela, Meatball and Slim