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Bianca vs. Sapphire
Baddies Caribbean
Between Bianca Bonnie and Sapphire Blaze
Number of Fights 3
Episodes "Flew'd Out"

Bianca vs. Sapphire are the physical altercations between Bianca Bonnie and Sapphire Blaze on the fifth season of Baddies, Baddies Caribbean (Season 5).

Round 1latest?cb=20240506024844

Bianca, alongside Meatball and Kali enter the restaurant and they all greet eachother before Bianca runs up on Sapphire for how she treated Mariah Lynn on Baddies East. Bianca hits the palm of her hand into Sapphire’s face meanwhile Sapphire throws hits at Bianca’s head multiple times. Bianca snatched Sapphire's wig and the fight ends.

Winner: Bianca

Round 2


Sapphire approaches Bianca for a civil discussion about the fight that occurred before Bianca spits on her and a fight immediately outbreaks. Sapphire swings at Bianca and Bianca smacks Sapphire on her back.

Winner: Bianca

Round 3

The girls square up again, with Bianca lunging at Sapphire, Sapphire then tries to punch Bianca in the face but Bianca dodges it by smacking the punch away with her hand then Sapphire punches Bianca two times on the back. Bianca slaps and kicks Sapphire twice before pulling her wig off and the fight ends.


Winner: Tie