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Bianca Vs. Heaven
Baddies Caribbean
Between Bianca Bonnie and Heaven Marina
Number of Fights 2

Round 1[]


In the middle of all the reserves attacking the originals to attempt to do there big ones to impress Natalie and earn a spot on the show Heaven runs up on Bianca security quickly grabs the both of them, but both Heaven and Bianca still have a hold of each other with Bianca having her arm wrapped around Heaven’s neck as Heaven throws many punch’s that all miss

Winner: Tie

Round 2[]

Heaven ask anyone on the beach if they wanna fight in which Bianca steps up ready to fight, Heaven throws a punch that dosen’t connect as Bianca gets a grasp of her hair before Heaven swings a couple more times all connecting on Bianca’s head while attempting to grab Bianca’s hair before Bianca is able to start to pull Heaven around by her hair while punching her on her shoulder and her back as Heaven missies a few punches Bianca then punches Heaven on her head two times before sercurity separates the fight still not preventing Bianca from pulling Heaven’s hair behind sercurity

Winner: Bianca



  • This fight was apparently staged by Bianca and Heaven (Confirmed by Mariahlynn)