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Description :

Is the biggest fight of Bgc15 and it consists of the whole house at once which is Jazmyn Jamie Hanan and Susu vs Asia Amber Kristina.

Reasoning  :

After the whole day of the girls getting along, Jamie and Jaz realize the Ogs are fake considering the fact that when they twerk it's a problem but when Hanan and Susu twerk it's all fun and games. They go outside the club and start crying, Hanan and Susu come out and agree with the Wallace sister. The four leave the club leaving the others and they kick them out as revenge of them always locking Jamie and Jaz out. The Ogs realize they left and they decide to go home. They get home , go through the back door. Amber than asks is there a problem then Team Lit all gets up and leaves the booth as Jazmyn answers "Yes, I think yall all fake" the house has a huge argument then the brawl starts.


Jaz explains why she thinks they're all fake and she says because when her and Jamie twerk everybody got a problem but when Hanan and Susu twerk nobody says again. Kristina then says it's because they dress good. Then Jaz asks who cares how they dress. Then Asia outs her opinion in and says that the difference is Hanan and Susu can actually twerk and she says while Jaz and Jamie are " trying so hard, shaking your shoulders and hoping your ass moves". Jaz then yells that's fake. Kristina then tells Jamie that's she fat and when people look at her they wanna throw up, Jamie then responds with " bitch you the fattest one, your stomach makes me sick bitch". Kristina then starts making throw up sounds "eh eh eh", them Jamie mocks her and says "eh eh my dick bitch... so what you wanna do about it, so wassup" Kristina tells her to hit her and it begins

Round 1:

Jamie hits Kristina, followed by Kristina hits