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Baddies South (Season 2)
Season Information
Various cities in Southern United States
June 12, 2022 - October 9th, 2022
17 episodes
Chrisean vs. Elliadria
Trina and Janeisha John
Season Chronology
Baddies ATL (Season 1)
Baddies West (Season 3)

The second season (also titled Baddies South) of Zeus Network's reality television series Baddies is slated to for a premiere in 2022.

The season continues the focus on self-proclaimed "baddies" together; however, the whole season is not set in Atlanta, Georgia, but presumably across various cities across Southern United States including Atlanta, Georgia. The trailer for the season was released on May 16, 2022, a year after the premiere of the first season. Unlike the Oxygen series and the first season of Baddies, this season features girls from other reality TV series such as Zeus Network's One Mo' Chance and Blue Girls Club, an OnlyFans reality series influenced by Bad Girls Club.

Natalie Nunn is the only bad girls that return as a main cast member for the second season, after Tanisha Thomas, Judi Jackson, Christina Salgado, Sarah Oliver, Janelle Shanks, Seven Craft, and Sidney Starr depart from the show. However, Christina, Sarah, and Sidney return as guest stars in the season. This season features three new bad girls from the Oxygen series, two girls from One Mo' Chance, one girl from Blue Girls Club, and Instagram model, Anne Moore.


Original Baddies[]

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season
AnneBaddies2 Anne Moore 25 Miami, FL N/A
BriBaddies2 Briana "Bri" Walker 28 Las Vegas, NV Season 17: East Meets West
RockS Chrisean "Rock" Malone 23 Baltimore, MD Blue Girls Club
ChristinaBSouth Christina Salgado 32 Jersey City, NJ Season 9: Mexico
PersuasianBaddies2 Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin 32 Dallas, TX Season 16: Social Disruption
RollieS Gia "Rollie Pollie" Mayham 29 Las Vegas, NV One Mo' Chance 1
JelaBaddies2 Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier 32 Atlanta, GA Season 14: Back For More
NatBSouth Natalie Nunn 37 Roseville, CA Season 4: Los Angeles
SlimBaddies2 Sashanna "Slim" McLaurin 25 Salisbury, MD One Mo' Chance 2

Replacement Baddies[]

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season Replaced
ScottyZeus Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan 25 Charlotte, NC N/A "Christina"

Supporting Cast Members[]

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season
SarahSouth Sarah Oliver 37 Riverdale, GA Season 11: Miami
SidneySR Sidney Starr 33 Chicago, IL Love & Hop Hop: New York

Duration of cast[]

Baddies Baddies South Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Anne FEAT.
Briana FEAT.
Elliadria FEAT.
Rollie FEAT.
Jelaminah FEAT.
Natalie FEAT.
Slim FEAT.
Scotlynd REP. FEAT.
Chrisean FEAT. REM. APP.
Christina LEFT
Supporting Cast Members
Sarah APP.
Sidney APP. APP.


Key:      = "Baddie" featured on this episode.
Key:      = "Baddie" is removed from the house.
Key:      = "Badddie" replacement arrives.
Key:      = "Baddie" voluntarily leaves the house.
Key:      = "Baddie" who left earlier makes an appearance.
  •   1  Christina miss the bus and eventually voluntarily left the house.
  •   2  Scotlynd replaced Christina in episode 4.
  •   3  Chrisean was removed from the house in episode 12 after being arrested for U.S Marshalls.
  •   4  Chrisean made an apareance in the season finale.


No. Title Original air date
1 "Out With the Old, In With the New" June 12, 2022
Natalie introduces the new Baddies who all meet up in the ATL for the first leg of their southern take-over.

Note:      Christina voluntarily leaves the house.

2 "I Cleaned You Up" June 19, 2022
As soon as the ladies settle one beef, another comes knocking at the door -- literally
3 "You Don't Want These Problems" June 26, 2022
Time to hit the road but some of the ladies have to be checked first.
4 "Looking Like Luther Vandross" July 3, 2022
Since the Baddies can't seem to get along, maybe some new blood will help bring peace.

Note:       Scotlynd replaces Christina .

5 "Stop The Bus" July 10, 2022
After enjoying a little free time, the Baddies head out to experience Charlotte nightlife.
6 "All Good Things Must Come to an End" July 17, 2022
After a couple nights of party and bullsh*t, drama returns to the house.
7 "Cashville Ten-a-key!" July 24, 2022
The ladies size each other up and pick sides after arriving in Nashville, Tennessee.
8 "A House Divided" July 31, 2022
As the baddies arrive in their next city, tensions are still high and space is needed.
9 "Business Before Pleasure" August 7, 2022
Putting the drama to the side, the ladies make it known that the baddies are in town.
10 "Girls Gone Wild" August 14, 2022
The Baddies take New Orleans by storm and throw more than beads.
11 "Hide & Seek" August 21, 2022
Voodoo strikes the Baddies after enjoying a night of partying on Bourbon Street in NOLA.
12 "A Baddie Keeps It Pushing" August 28, 2022
Although emotions are high after Chrisean is arrested, the trip continues with hopes of her return.

Note:      Chrisean is arrested and removed from the house.

13 "Into The Thick of It" September 4, 2022
After attending an epic pool party, Persuasian shows the girls how she gets down in Houston.
14 "The End of The Road" September 11, 2022
The Baddies celebrate the ups and downs of the road trip as the adventure comes to an end.

Note:      Chrisean made an appareance.

15 "Reunion Part One" September 25, 2022
Hosted by Trina and Janeisha John, the Baddies all reunite for the first time since ending their epic road trip.
16 "Reunion Part Two" October 2, 2022
After an epic beginning, the hosts try to get the Baddies to actually address their issues.
17 "Reunion Part Three" October 9, 2022
Trina and Janeisha are able to bring the ladies to a calm and finally get some answers.


Opponents Episode
ChriseanElliadria1 Chrisean vs Elliadria (R1) 2 I Cleaned You Up
ChriseanElliadria2 Chrisean vs Elliadria (R2)
NatalieSarah Natalie vs Sarah (R1)
NatalieSarah2 Natalie vs Sarah (R2)
ElliadriaAnne Anne vs Elliadria (R1) 3 You Don`t Want These Problems
AnneSua2 Anne vs Elliadria (R2)
BrianaAnne Anne vs Briana
RollieAnne Anne vs Rollie
ChriseanSlim Chrisean vs Slim (R1) 7 Cashville Ten-A-Key
RockSLim2 Chrisean vs Slim (R2)
JelaminahRollie Jelaminah vs Rollie
RockJelaSlimRollie Chrisean & Jelaminah vs Slim & Rollie
NatalieRollie Natalie vs Rollie (R1) 10 Girls Gone Wild
SidneyElliadria1 Elliadria vs Sidney (R1) 13 Into The Tick of It
SidneyElliadria2 Elliadria vs Sidney (R2)
BaddiesSouthBrawl Rollie & Slim vs Natalie, Chrisean & Scotty 15 Baddies South: Reunion part 1
RollieScotty2 Rollie vs Scotty (R1)
RollieScotty Rollie vs Scotty (R2)
SlimvsNatalie Natalie vs Slim
ChriseanSlim2 Chrisean vs Slim (R3) 16 Baddies South: Reunion part 2
ChriseanSlim3 Chrisean vs Slim (R4)
SuaRockNatRollie Chrisean vs Elliadria (R3) 17 Baddies South: Reunion part 3

Natalie vs Rollie (R2)