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Baddies East
Baddies East title card
Season Information
Various cities in the eastern United States
September 17, 2023 - February 25, 2024
23 (Counting Reunion)
Rollie Vs. Sukihana
Janeisha John and Nene Leakes
Season Chronology
Baddies West (Season 3)
Baddies Caribbean (Season 5)

The fourth season of Baddies, the Zeus network Bad Girls Club Spinoff. The show premiered on September 17, 2023 on Zeus Network. The show is set to take place across the East Coast of the US. Natalie Nunn returns and brings along girls including original cast members from Baddies West, former Bad Girls from Bad Girls Club, former Love and Hip Hop: New York cast members, and a new set of Baddies


Original Baddies[]

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season
AhnaEast Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago 23 Plainfield, NJ Baddies East Auditions
CamillaEast Camilla Poindexter 37 Long Beach, CA Season 8: Las Vegas
ChriseanEst Chrisean "Rock" Malone 23 Baltimore, MD Baddies South
RollieEast Gia "Rollie Pollie" Mayham 31 Las Vegas, NV One Mo Chance
SkyEast JaKeita "Sky" Days 39 Harlem, NY Black Ink Crew
SmileyEast Krystal "Smiley" Borrego 27 Miami, FL Baddies East Auditions
TesehkiEast Latifa "Tesehki" Malone 29 Baltimore, MD Crazy in Love (Season 2)
MariahEast Mariahlynn Araujo 33 Newark, NJ Love & Hip Hop: New York
SiyaEast Michele "Siya" Sherman 36 Brooklyn, NY Sisterhood of Hip Hop
NatalieEast Natalie Nunn 39 Roseville, CA Season 4: Los Angeles
ScottyEast Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan 26 Charlotte, NC Baddies South
StunnaGirlEast Suzanne "Stunna Girl" Brown 25 Sacramento, CA Baddies West
TeeEast Tamera "Tee" Kissen 29 Los Angeles, CA Wild'N Out
VickyEast Victoria "Woah Vicky" Waldrip 23 Atlanta, GA N/A

Replacement Baddies[]

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season Replaced
ScarfaceEast Etheria "Scarface" Ruffin 25 Los Angeles, CA South Central Baddies "Stunna Girl"
SukiEast Destiny "Sukihana" Henderson 31 Wilmington, DE Love & Hip Hop: Miami "Woah Vicky"
SapphireEast Sapphire Blaze 30 Miami, FL Love & Hip Hop: Miami "Chrisean"
BiggieE Damerlin "Biggie" Baez 27 Providence, RI Baddies West "Siya"

Supporting Cast Members[]

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season
DJC4 Cleo "DJ Sky High Baby" Rahman 30 Baltimore, MD Bad Boys: LA
JanetC1 Janet "Jay" LaCotorra 25 Los Angeles, CA Crazy in Love
MarshC1 Marchinee "Marsh" Lewis 26
CatEast Catya Washington 37 Philadelphia, PA Season 5: Miami
StrawberryAU Victoria "Strawberry" Ramos 25 Jersey City, NJ Baddies East Auditions

Duration of cast[]

Baddies Baddies East Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Ahna FEAT.
Camilla FEAT.
Mariahlynn FEAT.
Natalie FEAT.
Rollie FEAT.
Scotty FEAT.
Tesehki FEAT.
Scarface REP. FEAT.
Sapphire REP. FEAT.
Sukihana REP. FEAT.
Biggie REP. FEAT.
Smiley FEAT. LEFT.
Chrisean FEAT. LEFT.
Stunna FEAT. LEFT.
Supporting Cast Members
Janet APP.
Marsh APP.
Cat APP.
Strawberry APP.


Key:      = "Baddie" featured on this episode.
Key:      = "Baddie" is removed from the house.
Key:      = "Baddie" replacement arrives.
Key:      = "Baddie" voluntarily leaves the house.
Key:      = "Baddie" who left earlier makes an appearance.
  •   1  Stunna Girl voluntarily left the house in episode 2 after issues with the network.
  •   2  Woah Vicky voluntarily left the house in episode 5 after an altercation with Chrisean and her friends.
  •   3 Chrisean voluntarily left the house in episode 6 to focus on her pregnancy.
  •   4 Siya voluntarily left the house in episode 6 because of her mental health concerns.
  •   5 Scarface replaced Stunna Girl in episode 6.
  •   6 Sukihana and Sapphire replaced Woah Vicky and Chrisean in episode 8.
  •   7 Biggie replaced Siya in episode 8.
  •   8 Tee voluntarily left the house in episode 16 due to a family emergency.
  •   9 Smiley voluntarily left the house in episode 17 following a heated confrontation with Natalie, Tesehki and Scarface.


No. Title Original air date U.S. viewers


1 "Bad in D.C" September 17, 2023 TBA
The Baddies arrive on the East Coast and it’s immediately clear that not everyone is welcome.
2 "No Promo" September 24, 2023 TBA
After a failed brunch, Natalie turns the promo shoot all the way up as well.

Note:      Stunna voluntarily left the house.

3 "Meet Me Outside" October 1, 2023 TBA
The Baddies stepped out for their first night in D.C. but not everyone was a fan.
4 "Greener Grass" October 8, 2023 TBA
Tesehki decides to address her issues one-on-one.


"We Gon' Eat" October 15, 2023 TBA
After Tesehki gets her lick back, a few of the other ladies feel the need to settle some issues.

Note:      Woah Vicky voluntarily left the house.

6 "On to The Next" October 22, 2023 TBA
The Baddies prepare to make their way to Philly.

Note:      Chrisean and Siya both voluntarily left the house.

     Scarface replaced Stunna Girl

7 "Go-Kart Road Rage" October 29, 2023 TBA
The Baddies hope to enjoy a day out in Philly.
8 "Someone Came with Baggage" November 5, 2023 TBA
Once a previous season Baddie returns, the house immediately descends into chaos.

Note:      Sukihana and Sapphire replaces Woah Vicky and Chrisean

     Biggie replaced Siya

9 "Baddies and a Hot Boy" November 12, 2023 TBA
The Baddies take the night by storm and turn up with Bobby Shmurda!.
10 "The Chain Gang" November 19, 2023 TBA
Suki and Sapphire, aka The Coochie Girls, show up intent on settling some festering beefs.
11 "Time To Bite The Apple" November 26, 2023 TBA
After a heated ending to their Philly excursion, the Baddies head to NYC with more beef to settle.
12 "National Forgiveness Day" December 3, 2023 TBA
The Baddies unite to forgive but all things are definitely not forgotten.
13 "EVICTION DAY" December 10, 2023 TBA
Rollie has decided it's time for people to go.
14 "Time for a Swim" December 17, 2023 TBA
Natalie calls all the Baddies together for a good ole pool party.
15 "Harlem Nights" December 24, 2023 TBA
The Baddies celebrate their success and enjoy an epic dinner in Harlem.
16 "Jamaica Me Crazy" January 7, 2024 TBA
After the Baddies arrive in Jamaica, Smiley experiences a medical emergency.

Note:      Tee voluntarily left the house.

17 "Hangry Friends" January 14, 2024 TBA
An otherwise friendly dinner in Jamaica quickly goes left.

Note:      Smiley voluntarily left the house.

18 "You Gotta Handle Her" January 21, 2024 TBA
Sapphire and Suki are on the outs after Suki's fight with Rollie and Scarface.
19 "Up Shitz Creek" January 28, 2024 TBA
Sapphire, Suki, and Mariahlynn clash during a Jamaican raft tour.
20 "One Love" February 4, 2024 TBA
The Baddies unite at the Marley estate for a farewell toast.
21 "Baddies East The Reunion Part 1" February 11, 2024 TBA
Hosted by the queen of reality television Nene Leakes, along with Janeisha John, the Baddies gather all together for the first time since their East Coast and Jamaican excursions.
22 "Baddies East The Reunion Part 2" February 18, 2024 TBA
After an explosive start to the reunion, things go up even more.
23 "Baddies East The Reunion Part 3" February 18, 2024 TBA
As the reunion comes to an end, the Baddies depart with unresolved issues.


Opponents Episode
ScottyAhna1 Scotty Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 1) 1 Bad in D.C
ScottyAhna2 Scotty Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 2) 2 No Promo
AhnaScotty3 Scotty Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 3)
AhnaScotty4 Scotty Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 4)
AhnaScotty5 Scotty Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 5)
SmileyMariahlynn Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 1)
SmileyMariahlynn3 Mairahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 2)
SmileyMariahLynn2 Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 3)
CamillaNat1 Camilla Vs. Natalie (Round 1)
CamillaNatalie3 Camilla Vs. Natalie (Round 2)
CamillaNat4 Camilla Vs. Natalie (Round 3)
TesehkiJumped Tesehki Vs. Chrisean, Janet and Marsh 4 Greener Grass
TesehkiMarsh Tesehki Vs. Marsh
JayTesehkiMariah Janet Vs. Tesehki and Mariahlynn 5 We Gon' Eat
VickyJanet Janet Vs. Woah Vicky
AhnaDJ1 DJ Sky Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 1)
AhnaDJSky DJ Sky Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 2) 6 On To The Next
AhnaDJ3 DJ Sky Vs. Ahna Mac (Round 3)
EtTee1 Tee Vs. Scarface (Round 1) 7 Go-Kart Road Rage
TeeScotty Tee Vs. Scotty (Round 1)
RollieTee Tee Vs. Rollie 8 Someone Came with Baggage
Biggie vs Rollie Rollie Vs. Biggie (Round 1)
Biggie vs rollie 2 Rollie Vs. Biggie (Round 2)
BiggieRollie3 Rollie Vs. Biggie (Round 3) 9 Baddies and a Hot Boy
EtTee2 Tee Vs. Scarface (Round 2)
MariahSmiley3 Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 4) 10 The Chain Gang
MariahSmiley4 Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 5)
SmileyMariahSapphire Smiley Vs. Mariahlynn and Sapphire 11 Time To Bite The Apple
SmileySapphire Smiley Vs. Sapphire and Sukihana
SmileyStrawberry Smiley Vs. Strawberry (Round 1) 12 National Forgiveness Day
SmileyStrawberry2 Smiley Vs. Strawberry (Round 2) 13 EVICTION DAY
SmileyStrawberry3 Smiley Vs. Strawberry (Round 3)
SmileyMariahlynn5 Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 6)
ETBiggie1 Scarface Vs. Biggie (Round 1)
BiggieET4 Scarface Vs. Biggie (Round 2)
ETBiggie2 Scarface Vs. Biggie (Round 3) 14 Time for a Swim
ETBiggie3 Scarface Vs. Biggie (Round 4)
BiggieET5 Scarface Vs. Biggie (Round 5) 15 Harlem Nights
NatalieScotty2 Natalie Vs. Scotty (Round 1) 17 Hangry Friends
SukihanaRollie Rollie Vs. Sukihana
NatalieScotty3 Natalie Vs. Scotty (Round 2) 18 You Gotta Handle Her
SapphireMariahlynn Mariahlynn Vs. Sapphire 19 Up Shitz Creek
SukiMariahlynn Mariahlynn Vs. Sukihana 20 One Love
BiggieSmiley Biggie Vs. Smiley 21 Reunion Part 1
ETjumped1 Scarface Vs. Natalie, Mariahlynn and Tesekhi
BiggieRollie4 Biggie Vs. Rollie (Round 4)
BiggieRollie5 Biggie Vs. Rollie (Round 5)
AhnaRollie1 Ahna Mac Vs. Rollie (Round 1)
TesehkiET1 Scarface Vs. Tesehki (Round 1)
AhnaRollie2 Ahna Mac Vs. Rollie (Round 2) 22 Reunion Pt. 2
BiggieRollie6 Biggie Vs. Rollie (Round 6)
TesehkiET2 Scarface Vs. Tesehki (Round 2)
CamillaRollie Camilla Vs. Rollie
ScottyTee2 Scotty vs. Biggie and Tee
TesehkiET3 Scarface Vs. Tesehki (Round 3)
ScottyTee3 Tee Vs. Scotty (Round 2)
CamillaETRollie Camilla Vs. Rollie and Scarface
SmileyMariah7 Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 7)
MariahSmileyReunion2 Mariahlynn Vs. Smiley (Round 8) 23 Reunion Pt. 3
SapphireScarface1 Scarface Vs. Sapphire (Round 1)
ScarfacevMariah+Sapphire Scarface Vs. Mariahlynn and Sapphire
ScarfaceSapphire2 Scarface Vs. Sapphire (Round 2)
AhnavsScarface Scarface Vs. Ahna Mac
ScarfacevsBiggie6 Scarface Vs. Biggie (Round 6)


  • This is the first season to have more than 11 cast members, with a record of 17 cast members including replacements.
  • Natalie and Camilla are the only original bad girls from Bad Girls Club that are cast members this season.
  • Mariahlynn, Sukihana, and Sapphire are the third, fourth, and fifth cast members from the Love & Hip Hop franchise to appear as main cast members on Baddies.
  • Michele "Siya" Sherman appeared as a cast member on the Oxygen reality TV series, Sisterhood of Hip Hop, which appeared on the same schedule and roster as Bad Girls Club.
  • Stunna Girl is the first girl to leave the house following issues with Zeus. She was also rumored to have been edited out of Episode 2.
  • Chrisean, Stunna Girl, Woah Vicky, and Siya did not attend the reunion
  • Baddies East is currently the highest streamed show on Zeus earning over 171 Million views