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Baddies Caribbean
Season Information
Caribbean Islands
May 5, 2024 -
Mariahlynn vs. Asian Doll
Season Chronology
Baddies East (Season 4)
Baddies Midwest (Season 6)

Baddies Caribbean is the currently airing fifth season of the Baddies series.

On December 31, 2023, it was revealed that Natalie, Rollie and Scotty would be returning, along with Baddies East cast members Mariahlynn, Sapphire, Ahna Mac and Sukihana. However, Rollie announced that she was withdrawing from the cast on February 19, 2024 in order to recover from recent surgeries.

The season features 19 original baddies, along with 6 replacements and 3 supporting cast members.


Original Baddies

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season
AhnaCaribbean Anyssa "Ahna Mac" Santiago 23 Plainfield, NJ Baddies East Auditions
BiancaCaribbean Bianca Bonnie 32 Harlem, NY Love & Hip Hop: New York
BiggieCaribbean Damerlin "Biggie" Baez 27 Providence, RI Baddies West
MeatballCaribbean Dayija "Meatball" Blackwell 22 Philadephia, PA N/A
SukiCaribbean Destiny "Sukihana" Henderson 32 Wilmington, DE Love & Hip Hop: Miami
DiamondCaribbean Diamond the Body 32 Miami, FL DejaVu: Las Vegas
DiaCaribbean Fredia "Its Dia" Major 34 Nassau, Bahamas Baddies Caribbean Auditions
RollieCaribbean Gia "Rollie" Mayham 31 Las Vegas, NV One Mo Chance
BigGretchCaribbean Gretchen "Big Gretch" Cotto 34 Tampa, FL Baddies Caribbean Auditions
JelaCaribbean Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier 34 Houston, TX Season 14: Back for More
KaliCaribbean Johnece “Kaliwae" Miller 29 Los Angeles, CA Crazy in Love (Season 2)
TesehkiCaribbean Latifa "Tesehki" Malone 29 Baltimore, MD Crazy in Love (Season 2)
MariahCaribbean Mariahlynn Araujo 33 Newark, NJ Love & Hip Hop: New York
AsianDollS5 Misharron "Asian Doll" Allen 27 Dallas, TX N/A
NatalieCaribbean Natalie Nunn 39 Roseville, CA Season 4: Los Angeles
SapphireCaribbean Sapphire Blaze 33 Miami, FL Love & Hip Hop: Miami
ScottyCaribbean Scotlynd "Scotty" Ryan 26 Charlotte, NC Baddies South
SlimCaribbean Slim2Bad 27 Baton Rouge, LA Baddies Caribbean Auditions
TinkabellaCaribbean Tatyana "Tinkaabellaaa" Williams 24 Philadelphia, PA Baddies Caribbean Auditions

Replacement Baddies

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season Replaced
BiggKevaCaribbean Keva "Bigg Keva" Donaldson 31 Chicago, IL Baddies Caribbean Auditions "Sukihana"
JellyBeanCaribbean JeLisa "Jelly Bean" Bean 21 Chicago, IL Baddies Caribbean Auditions "Shannon"
NunuCaribbean Shameika "Nunu" Ford 29 Miami, FL Baddies Caribbean Auditions "Shannade"
J.OCaribbean Lajerrika "J.O." Welch 34 Cleveland, OH Baddies Caribbean Auditions "Aubrey"
WendollieCaribbean Dollie "Wendollie" Monroe 34 Bronx, NY Baddies Caribbean Auditions N/A
HeavenCaribbean Heaven Marina 25 San Jose, CA Baddies West Auditions

Supporting Cast Members

Image Name Age Hometown Original Season
AubreyCaribbean Aubrey O'Day 40 San Francisco, CA Making the Band 3
ShannadeCaribbean Shannade Clermont 30 Montclair, NJ Season 14: Back for More
Shannon Clermont 30 Montclair, NJ Season 14: Back for More
TommieCaribbean Atasha "Tommie Lee" Jefferson 39 Newark, NJ Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Duration of cast

Baddies Baddies Caribbean Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Ahna Mac FEAT.
Bianca FEAT.
Biggie FEAT.
Diamond FEAT.
Gretch FEAT.
Jelaminah FEAT.
Kaliwae FEAT.
Mariahlynn FEAT.
Meatball FEAT.
Natalie FEAT.
Rollie FEAT.
Sapphire FEAT.
Scotty FEAT.
Tesehki FEAT.
Tinkaabellaaa FEAT.
Jelly Bean REP. FEAT.
Bigg Keva REP. FEAT.
Asian Doll FEAT.
Slim2Bad FEAT. REM.
Heaven REP. FEAT. REM.
Wendollie REP. FEAT. REM.
Sukihana LEFT.
Supporting Cast Members
Aubrey FEAT. LEFT.
Shannade FEAT. LEFT.
Shannon FEAT. LEFT.
Tommie FEAT. LEFT.


Key:      = "Baddie" featured on this episode.
Key:      = "Baddie" is removed from the house.
Key:      = "Baddie" replacement arrives.
Key:      = "Baddie" voluntarily leaves the house.
Key:      = "Baddie" makes an appearance.
  •   1   Sukihana voluntarily left the show in episode 1 to focus on her projects.
  •   2  Heaven, Jelly Bean, J.O., Keva, Nunu, and Wendollie entered the house in episode 4 as reserves.
  •   3  Shannon and Shannade voluntarily left the show in episode 4 after feeling disrespected on their birthday.
  •   4  Wendollie and Heaven are sent home in episode 6 after not being selected as reserves.
  •   5  Tommie Lee voluntarily left the show in episode 6 after being over the experience.
  •   6  Aubrey voluntarily left the show in episode 6 after after finishing her stay.
  •   7  Dia and Slim are sent home in episode 11 due to receiving the majority of the vote by the house.


No. Title Original air date U.S. viewers


1 "We Outside Tonight" May 5, 2024 TBA
Before heading to the Caribbean, the Baddies link up in Miami where the tone is immediately set.
2 "Flew'd Out" May 12, 2024 TBA
The Baddies make their way to Barbados after a chaotic welcome dinner.
3 "Don't Get Too Comfortable" May 19, 2024 TBA
After arriving in Barbados, the Baddies turn the house into a Battle Royale.
4 "Let's Get Ready to Rumblllllle" May 26, 2024 TBA
The Newbies and Replacements square up in all out battle on the beach in Barbados.
5 "Drowned You" June 2, 2024 TBA
Natalie and Tommie rumble in the ocean.
6 "Last Night in Barbados" June 9, 2024 TBA
For their last night in Barbados, the Baddies head to the mountain top to clear the air and each other.
7 "Welcome to Puerto Rico" June 16, 2024 TBA
The Baddies leave Barbados behind, but make sure to bring the drama with them.
8 "We Outside...Fighting" June 23, 2024 TBA
The Baddies ride ATV's through Puerto Rico.
9 "Unfriended" June 30, 2024 TBA
As Mariahlynn and Asian Doll continue their beef, Bianca's involvement comes into focus.
10 "Eviction Notice" July 7, 2024 TBA
It's the last night in Puerto Rico, but some of the ladies won't make it to the D.R.
11 "What You Say About My Mama?" July 14, 2024 TBA
Before leaving for the DR, Ahna gets into a fight with Mariahlynn's mom and aunt.


Opponents Episode
JelaBiggie2 Biggie vs. Jela (Round 1) 1 We Outside Tonight
JelaBiggie3 Biggie vs. Jela (Round 2)
JelaBiggie5 Biggie vs. Jela (Round 3)
BiancaSapphire1 Bianca vs. Sapphire (Round 1) 2 Flew'd Out
BiancaMariahKali1 Kali vs. Bianca & Mariahlynn
KaliNatalie1 Kali vs. Natalie
BiancaSapphire2 Bianca vs. Sapphire (Round 2)
BiggieJela6 Biggie vs. Jela (Round 4)
BiancaSapphire3 Bianca vs. Sapphire (Round 3)
MeatballvsGretch1 Big Gretch vs. Meatball (Round 1) 3 Don't Get Too Comfortable
TinkavsDiamond2 Diamond vs. Tinka (Round 1)
TinkavsDiamond3 Diamond vs. Tinka (Round 2)
TinkavsDiamond4 Diamond vs. Tinka (Round 3)
MeatballvsGretch2 Big Gretch vs. Meatball (Round 2)
MeatballvsGretch3 Big Gretch vs. Meatball (Round 3)
GretchvsJelaSlimMeatball Big Gretch vs. Jela, Meatball & Slim
JelavsGretch1 Big Gretch vs. Jela (Round 1)
GretchvsDia Big Gretch vs. Dia
JelavsGretch2 Big Gretch vs. Jela (Round 2)
GretchvsSlim Big Gretch vs. Slim
KalivsJelly1 Jelly Bean vs. Kali (Round 1) 4 Let's Get Ready To Rumblllllle


Meatball & Tinka vs. J.O. & Bigg Keva
DiavsGretchNunu Big Gretch & Nunu vs. Dia & Slim
BiancavsHeaven1 Bianca vs. Heaven (Round 1)
MeatballvsJO1 J.O. vs. Meatball (Round 1)
MeatballvsJO2 J.O. vs. Meatball (Round 2)
DiavsNunu1 Dia vs. Nunu (Round 1)
DiavsNunu2 Dia vs. Nunu (Round 2)
BiancavsHeaven2 Bianca vs. Heaven (Round 2)
KalivsJelly2 Jelly Bean vs. Kali (Round 2)
JelavsGretch3 Big Gretch vs. Jela (Round 3)
TommievsNatalie3 Natalie vs. Tommie Lee (Round 1) 5 Drowned You
TommievsNatalie4 Natalie vs. Tommie Lee (Round 2)
TommievsNatalie5 Natalie vs. Tommie Lee (Round 3)
JellyvsMariah Jelly Bean vs. Mariahlynn
DiamondvsDia1 Diamond vs. Dia (Round 1) 6 Last Night in Barbados
DiamondvsDia2 Diamond vs. Dia (Round 2)
DiamondvsSlim Diamond vs. Slim (Round 1)
TinkavsDiamond5 Diamond vs. Tinka (Round 4)
TinkavsDiamond6 Diamond vs. Tinka (Round 5)
TinkavsDiamond7 Diamond vs. Tinka (Round 6)
DBTvsDia3 Diamond vs. Dia (Round 3)
TinkavsKeva Tinka vs. Bigg Keva
DiavsNunu3 Dia vs. Nunu (Round 3)
TesehkivsJelly Jelly Bean vs. Tesehki
MeatballvsGretch4 Big Gretch vs. Meatball (Round 4) 7 Welcome to Puerto Rico
GretchvsMeatball5 Big Gretch vs. Meatball (Round 5) 8 We Outside...Fighting
MariahvsAsianDoll Mariahlynn vs. Asian Doll (Round 1)
MariahvsAsianDoll2 Mariahlynn vs. Asian Doll (Round 2) 9 Unfriended
MariahvsAsianDoll3 Mariahlynn vs. Asian Doll (Round 3)
MariahvsAsianDoll4 Mariahlynn vs. Asian Doll (Round 4)
DiamondvsBianca Diamond vs. Bianca
DiamondvsSlim2 Diamond vs. Slim (Round 2) 10 Eviction Notice
DiamondvsSlim3 Diamond vs. Slim (Round 3)
DiamondvsSlim4 Diamond vs. Slim (Round 4)
KalivsGretch Big Gretch vs. Kali 11 What You Say About My Mama?