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Atlanta, Georgia
May 16, 2021
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The Conversation

Baddies is a reality TV series and franchise produced by Zeus Network. It is a continuation of the Oxygen series, Bad Girls Club, which aired from 2006 to 2017. It is also a follow-up to the two-part special of The Conversation: The Bad Girls Of Reality TV, which aired on December 6, 2020 and December 13, 2020.

The series, which focuses on nine self-proclaimed "baddies" living in a mansion. Unlike the original series, Baddies features girls from other reality TV series such as VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York and Zeus Network's One Mo' Chance. The first season, set in Atlanta, Georgia, featured several former bad girls: Tanisha Thomas and Natalie Nunn (who are both credited as executive producers of the show), Judi Jackson, Christina Salgado, Sarah Oliver, Janelle Shanks, and Seven Craft, and features the debut of Love & Hip Hop celebrity Sidney Starr.

The first season aired on Zeus Network on May 16, 2021. A second season was announced later that year, and a teaser for the season titled "Baddies South" was released on May 16, 2022.


Talks for a potential reboot came about in early 2020 when Natalie Nunn announced that a "Bad Girls Club" reunion special was in the works. The reunion initially included Nunn, Gabrielle Victor and Danielle Victor from Season 8: Las Vegas, Christina Salgado and Erika Jordan from Season 9: Mexico, Raquel "Rocky" Santiago and Shannon Sarich from Season 10: Atlanta, Sarah Oliver from Season 11: Miami, and Jada Cacchilli from Season 12: Chicago. The plan also included Tanisha Thomas from Season 2, despite production disputes with Nunn.

The conversations for the reboot, however, created potential for a release on the adult platform OnlyFans, where the girls would release uncut, uncensored material for a particular price. Polls for which girl to join the series were created exclusively for OnlyFans' account. Eventually, bad girls Gabrielle, Danielle, and Erika announced that they would not continue on with the reboot after alleging that Nunn and the other veterans were scamming the Bad Girls Club fans and those who subscribed already to the OnlyFans account. Once the four backed out, Tiana Small of Season 11: Miami replaced the four and the girls appeared together to produce material for their OnlyFans. However, the material received criticism from devoted Bad Girls Club fans who felt like the fights and drama among the girls was staged.

With the OnlyFans material, the bad girls returned to reality TV after featuring on a special episode of Zeus' The Conversation, produced by Ray J and Princess Love. The episode special included Natalie, Christina, Rocky, Sarah, Jada, and Shannon in the episode confronting their issues that were, presumably, from the OnlyFans material. The two-part special also included a physical altercation between Natalie and Jada and arguments among the girls. Similar to the OnlyFans material, the two-part episode from Zeus received poor criticism from fans who found disappointment in most of the fan-favorites like Christina. Others believed that the drama was staged and forced.

After all of this, Zeus announced "Baddies ATL," after the bad girls were confirmed production for the series in late 2020. Zeus released a trailer for "Baddies ATL" in early 2021, revealing the girls involved: Natalie, Christina, Sarah, Tanisha Judi Jackson of Season 7: New Orleans, Mehgan James of Season 9: Mexico, Janelle Shanks of Season 11: Miami, Seven Craft of Season 17: East Meets West, and Sidney Starr, who appeared in Love & Hip Hop and other reality TV shows. In a second trailer, however, Mehgan James does not appear in the trailer, but it is rumored that she will appear in the upcoming series.


Name Age (while filming) Original Season
Christina Salgado 30 Season 9: Mexico
Janelle Shanks 30 Season 11: Miami
Judi Jackson 31 Season 7: New Orleans
Natalie Nunn 35 Season 4
Sarah Oliver 35 Season 11: Miami
Seven Craft 26 Season 17: East Meets West
Sidney Starr 31 Season 9: Love & Hiphop NY
Tanisha Thomas 35 Season 2


Name Age (while filming) Original Season
Mehgan James 30 Season 9: Mexico