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Bad Girls Club: Orange County
Season 9, Episode 1
Air date September 3rd, 2012
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Location "Bad Girl" nickname Age
Alison "Ali" Von Tussel Bronx, New York "The Fighter" 21
Angela Wooders Chicago, Illinois "The Princess of Illinois" 23
Destiny Gaines New Orleans, Louisana "The Mardi Gras Girl" 21
Lacey Arnold Orange County, California "The Orange County Queen" 21
Langston King Boston, Massachusetts "The Boston Bumpkin" 22
Ronae Johnson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The Show-Off" 22

Shonda Collins

Nashville, Tennessee "The Nashville Titan"


Replacement Bad Girls[]

Name Location "Bad Girl" nickname Replaced Age
Tiana Hopkins Charlotte, North Carolina ""The Diva-In-Training" Lacey 23
Courtney Mooreville Brooklyn, New York "The Boxing Master" Shonda 21
Marcilla "Marci" Banks Miami, Florida "The Sneakster" Courtney 24

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Reunion Part 1 Reunion Part 2
Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison Alison
Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston Langston
Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae Ronae
Marcilla Marcilla Marcilla Marcilla Marcilla Marcilla Marcilla Marcilla Marcilla
Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny Destiny
Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela Angela
Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney Courtney
Tiana Tiana Tiana Tiana Tiana Tiana Tiana
Shonda Shonda Shonda Shonda Shonda Shonda Shonda Shonda Shonda
Lacey Lacey Lacey Lacey Lacey Lacey Lacey Lacey


  •   1  Lacey is removed in episode 4 due to a physical fight with Ali
  •   2  Shonda leaves in episode 5 due to Angela's antics
  •   3  Tiana and Courtney replaces Lacey and Shonda in episode 5
  •   4  Tiana voluntarily leaves from the house in episode 7 due to a physical fight with Angela and Destiny.
  •   5  Marci replaced Tiana in episode 8.
  •   6  Courtney is removed from the house in episode 11 after a physical altercation with Angela.
  •   7  Courtney, Tiana, Shonda and Lacey make an appearance in episode 12 for a photoshoot.
  •   8  Angela voluntarily leaves in episode 13 after being jumped by all of the girls.
  •   11  Destiny is removed from the reunion after a physical altercation with Langston.
  •   12  Alison, Ronae, Shonda, Tiana, Courtney and Marci were all removed from the reunion due to a physical and verbal altercation with Angela.


  • Ali vs. Lacey. (Episode 1-4)
  • Shonda vs. Angela (Episode 4)
  • Ali and Langston vs. Angela. (Episode 5)
  • Courtney and Tiana vs. Destiny and Angela (Episode 6)
  • Tiana vs. Angela and Destiny (Episode 6)
  • Angela vs. Ronae (Episode 7)
  • Marci vs. Courtney (Episode 8)
  • Angela vs. Courtney (Episode 8)
  • Langston vs. Marci and Destiny (Episode 10)
  • Destiny vs. Courtney (Episode 10-11)
  • Tiana vs. Destiny (Episode 12)
  • Destiny vs. Langston (Episode 13)
  • Destiny vs. Langston (Reunion, Part 1)
  • Ronae and Shonda vs. Angela and Destiny (Reunion, Part 2)
  • Anti-Angela vs. Anti-Ali (Reunion, Part 2)

Ali and Lacey:[]

Ali and Lacey realized they didn't like each other when Lacey confronts Ali for her ways at a nightclub on the first night together. It gets worse at the house, but everyone realizes that Lacey's more of the child. Lacey and Ali has a brief physical fight. In episode 2, Tension rises high on the first day together, while Ali makes a plan and presuades everyone to help her get Lacey out of the house. Ali spits on a lot of Lacey's things and Lacey then fights Ali and she is then sent to a hotel. In episode 3, Lacey and Ali get into another fight, but Angela defends Lacey in this case, and Ali takes the first punch to Lacey, makes Lacey attack Ali worse than before, and Lacey is removed from the house.


  • Ali
  • Ronae
  • Shonda
  • Tiana
  • Courtney
  • Marci (reunion)
  • Langston


  • Angela
  • Destiny
  • Marci (former)
  • Lacey (former, though not turned on)


Episode 1: California, Here We Come[]

7 new bad girls arrive in Orange County, California, while chaos starts between the two rivals, Ali and Lacey, when Lacey's crazy ways pushes Ali to a point of confronting her at the club, it becomes more dramatic for the rest of the girls as they go back home and the situation continues. Meanwhile, Destiny forms a friendship with Angela and Ronae, and then, Shonda becomes the "weak link", according to Angela, in which causes them to go head-to-head at first, and she claims her distaste for Shonda. Later on, Ali tries to form a huge gang in the house to get Lacey out of the house, and this turns into Ali, Destiny, Angela and Ronae to team up to get her out of the house, and as that happens, Lacey and Ali get into the first fight of the house when Ali pushes her down, as a result, they were both pulled apart and away from each other and they all went to bed for the next day, and Ali knew another way to get her out of the house, but Angela, herself, was tired of her picking on Lacey.

Episode 2: Desperately Seeking Attention[]

The next morning, there seems to be more tension in the house when Lacey is still there, and the house seems to be already divided. Langston and Shonda seem to push theirselves out of the situation and they start to be friends, but on the other side, Angela becomes annoyed of Ali's antics in order to remove Lacey out of the house, and tries to defend her and decides to push her clique away from Ali. Later on, Langston meets a guy in Orange County and suddenly brings him home to make out and make love, and somehow, Ali considers her of being trashy and dirty after remembering that she told her that Langston had a boyfriend at home, she loses respect for her.

Later on, Lacey gets into an argument with Angela when she overhears her and the clique talking about her, and Destiny jumps in, but Ronae pushes her way out of the confrontation. Then at that night, Ali and the girls go out to the club, where Ali gets drunk and starts picking on Lacey for her ways and how bad she wants her out of the house, this causes Lacey to defend herself, and Angela to defend Lacey, and then, it all turns into an argument in the limo, then back in the house, Ali goes berserk and tries to pick on Lacey all through the house, but when the girls all go to bed, Ali yells and screams throughout the house, and goes in Lacey's room to fight her, and as that happens, Lacey attacks her at first hand, and she was sent to an hotel, while Angela talked to her clique about how annoyed she is of Ali.


Episode 3: Attack Of The Vixen[]

The next morning after that, Lacey returns back to the house from the hotel, and while everyone's sleeping, Ali's in the room with Destiny and Ronae, constantly talking about Lacey coming back, and Ronae gets annoyed by it, meanwhile, Angela pushes through and decides to pull Lacey on the outside balcony to talk to her about Ali, and apologizing for being against her, and Lacey felt as if Angela was 100% real to her about it and felt as if she had a new friend in the house. Later on, Angela invites Lacey to go to drive bumping cars with her and Ronae, and they have more fun, but Ronae becomes comedically dramatic when it comes to being hit and bumped, and after that, they all hang out to eat, and they all talk about Ali's antics and Angela's sudden dislike towards her, and then after that, Shonda and Langston both head to a food place, and talk about Angela and Ali's ways.

Ali, being left in the house, becomes angered and goes out at night all by herself to a nightclub, where she starts drinking over and over, and when all of the girls team up to go to that nightclub, they discover her, and they all become embarrassed by Ali's drinking habits, and tries to calm her down, but Ali refuses to do so, and it pushes Langston to a point of pushing her and walking out of the club, she leaves out, and the girls all go back in the limo and leave her there, they go back into the house and everyone was laughing at what Langston did to Ali.

Later on, Ali comes back, drunk, yelling and screaming over and over again like the last time, and it pushes Angela to a point of pushing her away, when she goes down to confront her when she suddenly starts to pick on Lacey, but when Ali takes a punch at Lacey, it leads to a final fight when Lacey runs up to her and physically attacks her, and choking her and grabbing part of her hair, this ends with a bang.


Episode 4: Drama Met My Boyfriend[]

When the fight between Ali and Lacey gets worse, Lacey was asked to pack her things to be removed from the house, Lacey gave her goodbyes to Angela, Ronae, Destiny, Shonda and Langston, and left out without a care, she seemed to be tired of being in the house anyway because of Ali. After that, Angela and the rest of the girls show hate towards Ali. Later on the next morning, Angela, Destiny and Ronae all head out for breakfast, and they talk about Lacey's departure from the house, and what should be done with Ali.

Meanwhile, Langston gets a phone call from her boyfriend Erik, saying that he would visit her and the rest of the girls, and when she got that surprise, she was completely happy, but guilty at the same time, after remembering that she had sex with a guy in the house. Later on, the rest of the girls meet her boyfriend, but one in particular tries to hit on him, Ali, and when Langston suddenly tries to confront her to back off, it gets heated when Ali spills the beans about her night with another guy, this pushes her boyfriend to the point of having difficulties trusting her again, and Langston gets into a heated argument with Ali, almost leading into a fight, but when Shonda and Angela both try to pull her away from Ali, Langston shows her bad side when she's angry

All the while, Shonda and Ali grow closer all of a sudden. Angela's demanding demeanor rubs some of the girls (particularly Ali and Langston) the wrong way. Especially when she causes Langston's boyfriend to leave the house earlier than expected. Shonda, having dealt with enough of Angela's behavior, confronts her. The confrontation blows up as Angela leads Shonda to hit her. Producers break up the fight and send Shonda to a hotel to cool down for the night.


Episode 5: Hurricane Angela vs. Hurricane Ali[]

After the Angela/Shonda blow-up, Shonda calls the house to tell the girls she's leaving for good. This doesn't sit well with Ali nor Langston, as they were closer with Shonda in the house. Angela continues to annoy Ali with her antics and Langston blames Angela for her boyfriend's departure.

Meanwhile, the girls go to the nightclub, in where Ronae meets a guy at the club and decides to take him to the house. However, it all goes bad when the guy plans to have sex with Ronae, but she refuses to do so and kicks him out of the house. Destiny thought that Ronae did the right thing and she said that she gained more respect for her than before.

The night later on, the girls realize that two new girls are on the BGC House Wall, and the girls are shocked, but unpleased at the same time (goes for Destiny, Ali and Langston). They judge them from their looks and their facial expressions. But later that night, the new girls meet each other at an outside restaurant, they both talk to each other about what they would think what happen in the house and they suddenly bond quickly. But instead of going to the house, they decide to experience their first night in Orange County by heading to a nightclub.

By midnight, all of the girls are sleeping, well, some of them, while Ali starts talking to Destiny and Ronae about her beef with Angela. However, when the girls head to the house in the limo, the girls open up, yelling, "LADIES? HELLO?!" Ali rolls her eyes and looked at the girls, "Oh, damn, they're here,".

Meanwhile, the girls head upstairs to meet the girls, Angela, Destiny and Ronae quickly greet, but except for Ali and Langston. As of that, they act petty towards the girls and it makes Tiana more concerned about who she'll have a problem with in the house. Ronae, Destiny and Angela get to know the girls by taking shots, but when it comes to Tiana, it seems as if she's unable to handle her liquor when she realizes she had too many drinks at the nightclub. Angela, herself, feels that she's much like her, and she believes that they can quickly relate, but when Ronae bonds with Tiana also, Destiny becomes a bit jealous.

The next morning, Tiana is hung over and everyone seems to be tired and annoyed, but Angela, DestIny and Ronae head out minutes later to get breakfast. Ronae and Angela both talk about the new girls and they both agree that they are cool, but when Destiny decides not to speak about it, it questions Ronae. Later that day, Ali sits outside with Langston, both smoking, and both believe that they need to get to know each other more. Ali opens up about her past life, explaining that she was sexually abused before and it pushed her to be more mean and aggressive. Feeling sympathetic, Langston understands why she acts that way, and she starts to gain more respect for her.

Angela talks about her feud with Ali, and explains that she wants to get her out of the house the same way she got Shonda out of the house. Although Destiny and Ronae disagree with Shonda's departure, they both realize that Ali tries to lure them in by trying to get Angela out of the house also, they realize how big of a problem she is when it comes to picking on others.

That night, all of the girls head to a nightclub in Orange County to make the new girls feel comfortable around them, but Destiny dislikes Tiana that she decides to stay home, for some reason, Ronae talks to her about her ways and says that she should stop acting childish, this pushes Destiny to be incognito around all of the girls. Later on, there seems to be tension between Ali and Angela at the club, when Angela gets drunk, they all go back in the limo, but Angela starts to talk bad about Ali, in which Ali tries to ignore, but when Angela keeps doing it over and over again, Ali defends herself, yelling and arguing with Angela, who gets in her face, slamming and crashing everything in the limo, in which Ronae tries to hold her back, the new girls are confused over it, as the girls all get back to the house, Angela continues her insults and picking on Ali, but when Langston decides to defend Ali, Angela makes her become involved in the situation. Angela pushes Langston, and Langston pushes back, but Ali jumps in, fighting Angela along with her, Ali physically attacks Angela to a point where the producers hold her back, and Langston and Ali were sent to a hotel.

In the confessional, Angela says that she will do anything she can to get Ali out of the house, no matter if it takes her until the last month of being in the house. Angela tells Destiny and Ronae that she has her plan B all settled out, while Tiana and Courtney, in the other room, all agree that they lost respect for Angela.


Episode 6: The Birthday Wreckers[]

In the morning, everyone's resting, and it was more silent than the other mornings. Ali and Langston both headed back to the house from the hotel, and there seemed to be a lot of tension. Ali and Langston headed upstairs to their room, talking about what happened, and Ali thanked Langston for defending her over Angela, and believed that Ali quickly bonded with Langston.

When Angela wakes up, Ali goes up to her maturely and tells her that she wants her to stay far away from her, not to look at her, not to talk to her and she'll be okay in the house, Angela, herself, believes that it was a good idea, but she still has her plans to get out of the house, so there's no changing that. Meanwhile, Destiny, Ronae, Angela and Tiana all head out together, but when Destiny feels jealousy when she's around Tiana and Ronae's close friendship, she becomes angered over it, and she suddenly calls the two out, feeling as if Ronae's ignoring her. Tiana defends herself at this point, feeling as if Destiny's acting like a little girl over nothing, and Ronae, comes to the point where she's ignoring her, and putting a block between their friendship. Destiny realizes that she's actually in love with Ronae, and she finds it hard to tell her how she feels when she knows that Ronae is doing other things with the other girls. While all of the girls head out of the jeep, Destiny stays in, looking out the window in disbelief.

Back in the house, Courtney starts to converse with Ali and Langston, and Ali changes her mind about what she thought about her in the beginning. Later on, Destiny and the rest of the girls head back home, and Ali and Angela walk past each other, with as much tension as before. Everyone realize that Ronae's birthday is coming the next day after, and the girls try to plan something for her birthday behind her back, but when it comes to Destiny, she excludes herself from everything involving Ronae.

The next morning, it's Ronae's birthday, and she becomes happy about it, everyone except for Destiny is happy about it. Later on, Angela, Tiana and Courtney all take Ronae to the hair salon so she could look pretty for her surprise birthday party they planned, while Ali, Langston, and a lazy Destiny helps out to decorate and add in more things for the house, and people they've met at Orange County were all invited to the party.

When the girls all returned back to the house, Ronae was blindfolded by Angela's hands, and when she opened her eyes, everyone surprised her. Ronae was shocked, proud and crying at the same time, crying, mainly because she never had a bigger birthday party at home, and she was happy that she could have the chance to do so.

All of the girls had fun, dancing, and taking pictures, running around like kids, Everyone had a good time, however, the good times didn't last for long. During that night, all of the girls headed out to the nightclub to continue to celebrate Ronae's birthday. But when a physical altercation happens between all of the girls between girls at the night club, (mainly Destiny against another girl,) Angela tries to hold her back, Ronae, also did the same, Courtney, Ali and Tiana stood there watching, and Langston wasn't nowhere to be found. All of the girls headed back to the limo, where Angela took the fight too seriously, and called out Tiana, Courtney and Ali for not helping out. Tiana took it to offense and defended herself about it, she claimed that she didn't know what to do and she didn't want to get involved in something that wasn't her problem, Angela and Tiana got into an argument, while Courtney and Ali jumped in, telling Angela not to blame them for something that they didn't do.

More so, this argument later on turned into a fight, (mainly between Tiana and Angela), in which Angela throws a drink at Tiana, and she quickly retaliates, attacking Angela, but when the drink gets on Courtney, she throws a drink back at Angela, but it accidentally hits on Destiny, who got out of a fight, gets into an argument with Courtney, and Ali, Langston and Ronae stood there watching, ignoring what was going on. Angela and Destiny revealed their hatred against Tiana and Courtney's ways and Ronae, herself, was embarrassed of how Destiny and Angela were acting towards the new girls.

The producers broke up the fight between Tiana and Angela, and it was later found out that Angela and Destiny were to be arrested for the fights at the club. The rest of the girls were all sent home, and Tiana, pumped up, became infuriated with Angela, the girls tried to calm her down, by that midnight, Angela and Destiny were unexpectedly making their way back home from the police station, and after that, Tiana makes her way downstairs, sneaking to attack Angela right from behind, This ends with a bang.


Episode 7: The Scavenger Hunt[]

The fight continues between Tiana, Destiny and Angela. Tiana physically attacks Angela to the ground, while Destiny makes her way by jumping in the fight, physically attacks Angela down to the ground, while Destiny makes her way by jumping in the fight. Tiana attacks Destiny and Angela at the same time, the producers try their hardest to pull them back. Sadly, Tiana decides to make her own departure from the house without any guidance, saying that if she says one more night with the girls, she may explode. The other girls never expected Tiana to go so fast, and with Ali, Langston, Ronae and Courtney, they all say their goodbyes, and Courtney loses respect for Angela and Destiny because of it. The next morning, tension fills the air, as Ronae gives Destiny and Angela the silent treatment and turns to Ali, Langston and Courtney. Destiny believes that Ronae is turning to the "fake" side, and Angela gets infuriated over it. Ronae hits the road with Ali, Langston and Courtney while Destiny and Angela stay in the house alone. Ronae explains that her relationship with Destiny ended ever since she acted childish towards Tiana, and she's infuriated that they pushed her away from the house. Ali states the fact that she's happy that she realized Angela's true colors and Langston reveals her beef with Destiny and thinks that she's the next target out of the house.

Angela and Destiny head out on their own, and they describe the fight they had with Tiana; Destiny shows that she has marks on the side of her face from the huge punch Tiana gave her, Angela noticed that Tiana ripped out part of her weave, and threatened that if she'd see her again, she would get her revenge, while Destiny believes that her relationship with Ronae is over, and Angela wants to find a way to push Ronae to the limits for traiting.

When all of the girls that night head out, there seemed to be tension going on when silence came between Destiny, Angela, Ronae, Ali, Langston and Courtney. As they headed to a nightclub, the girls were divided. Destiny and Angela were by theirselves, bored looking and depressed, while the other four girls partied on their own. When they got back, Langston was a bit drunk, acting crazy and weird, and she dared herself to call Erik and tell him that she had sex with a guy in the house. Destiny was embarrassed by how Langston was acting, and when she called Erik and told him, he sounded a bit infuriated and he quickly hung up the phone.

Langston was in shock when it happened and shoved the phone down to the floor, Ali and Ronae tried to calm her down, while Destiny and Angela were listening to how she was acting about it; Angela believed that she was crazy. Ali consoled Langston and slept with her during that night to keep her calm.

The next morning, Tiana calls the house in order to speak to Ronae and the rest of the girls, but when Angela picks up the phone, it turns into a huge argument between the two, Tiana and Angela exchange insults and Angela threatens her, tells her that if she sees her passing by, she'll rip her hair out, and then she hang up. Angela told Destiny about it, and she acted like she was prepared to fight.

Ronae, Langston and Ali head out to the skating rink, in which Ronae's funny actions occur when she slips and falls when she tries to skate, Ali tries to help her out. Meanwhile, when the girls go eat at a table at the rink, Ronae explains that she's starting to bond a lot with Ali, Langston and Courtney than she was with Destiny and Angela.

Angela, becomes a troublemaker, when Ronae and the other girls are gone, Destiny and Angela both try to misplace some of Ronae's things. (Her clothes, stuck in different places in the house). Angela called it the "Scavenger Hunt,". That night, Ronae was looking for her clothes to put on, she asked Ali, Langston and Courtney and they didn't know where they were, so, she looked everywhere in the house, and she asked Destiny and Angela, they acted as if they didn't know where they were. When Ronae looked around the house, she found her clothes splattered all around the house, hidden behind plants, clothes and her other things in the confessional room, she blew a fuse, and when she confronts Destiny and Angela about it, assuming that they did it, Destiny stood up, trying to act like she didn't do anything wrong, they got into a heated argument, and almost to a fight, when Angela tries to break it up, Ronae lets it go, and tries to find all of her things and put them back where they were. Ronae claimed that she wouldn't let this go, and she was going to find out who messed with her things, no matter if it took her until the last day in the house.

When realizing how close of a bond she has with Langston as they were giggling around with each other, Ali realizes that she may have some feelings for her, but believes that she may not have a chance with her. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Episode 8: Clash of The Replacements[]

New girl, Marci, becomes competition to the other replacements, Tiana and Courtney. While everyone is devastated when Ronae got arrested. Courtney, feels like she's neglected in the house. While, Marci, becomes close to Angela. Langston's ex calls her, realizing that he wants her back. Tiana and Courtney vs. Marci continues. Courtney's feelings are hurt when Angela backs Marci up in the fight, which causes Courtney to leave.

Episode 9: Clique The Button[]

Destiny, Marci and Angela form an alliance, while Ali finds her way forming an alliance with Langston and Tiana.

Episode 10: Breaking Point[]

Ali and Angela are at it again. While, Angela, who realizes that her alliance began to bully her and humiliate her, Angela reaches her breaking point an dismantle their stuff while they were gone and then leaves. Destiny and Tiana get into a fight. Tiana is removed from the house Episode 11: Four Is Better Than One


As both alliances loses members, Marci and Ali, starts a little bond, but Langston has beef with Destiny.

Episode 12: The Best Fight Of Your Life[]

Lacey returns to surprise the girls, and Ali and Lacey decide to apologize. Meanwhile, Destiny and Langston have a huge fight in the limo over Destiny's drunken ways and in public and at the house, which causes Destiny to be removed from the house.

Episode 13: The Big BIG Bang[]

The last 4 bad girls remain in the house with their last week there. But, it's not all hugs and kisses for everyone, as Ali and Marci grow closer at the end, Langston and Marci, get into a fight in the limo. The season ends in a cliffhanger.

Episode 14: Reunion Part 1[]

Tension heats up when Perez Hilton hosts the reunion, as the girls all turn on Angela. There was unfinished business between Destiny and Langston, also, Marci and Langston get into a heated argument and Ali still hates Angela.

Episode 15: Reunion Part 2[]

Langston has a new boyfriend, while all the girls confront Angela even her best friend in the house, Marci, confronts her after Angela talks about her. A huge riot happens between the girls and Angela as they all attack her.