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Original Bad Girls[]

Bad Girls Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname
Justine Blevins 23 Pasadena, CA "The Pasadena Princess"
LaTawni "Tawni" Gould 22 Tampa, FL "The Warrior"
Logan Dillon 21 Fort Worth, TX "The Sexy Texan"
Alexa "Alex" Little 24 New York City, NY "The Hunky Hellcat"
Melanie Shaw 22 Boise, ID "The Plastic Doll"
Deja McKinney 23 Queens, NY "The Secret Rebel"
Lydia Peters 22 Newark, NJ "The Greatest Export"

Replacement Bad Girls[]

Bad Girls Age Hometown "Bad Girl" nickname Replaced
Marie Ryan-Mendez 26 Bronx, NY "The Sex Kitten"  Justine
Brianna "Brie" Castillo 23 Fort Lee, NJ "The Jersey Socialite" Tawni
Diamond Webster 22 Palm Springs, CA "The Wonderwoman Of Reality" Alex
Ciara "CeCe" Oliver 23 Phoenix, AZ "The Man Stealer" Melanie
Shelly Knight 25 Little Rock, AR "The Hellraiser" Lydia


On the first episode, Justine, LaTawni, Alexa, Melanie, and Lydia was arrested for physical violence. They got into a fight with 5 other girls at a nightclub. After the fight, the 5 girls was tooken to jail and they were removed from the house.


-This season had the most replacements with 5, beating Season 7 with 4.

-Lydia is from Alberta, Canada.

-The first episode was filmed in three days, but edited into one day.


Episode #1- Disorderly Conduct[]

"This glass will go upside your motherf*cking head, b*tch!", said Lydia.

Lydia smashed a glass into a stranger's head. Drinks are thrown, hands are connected, cops are called.

"Why are you arrested me?", said ???.

9 hours earlier...

The bad girls arrive at the house. Deja first, Tawni, Logan, and Alexa next, Justine and Lydia then, and finally, Melanie. Melanie is suddenly the popular girl in the house. Logan and Deja are best friends. Everyone is friends with each other. Logan and Deja comes up with the idea to prank call some random people. Melanie comes up with the idea to prank call the former bad girls. The producers gave them the numbers. They called Angie (season 1), Roxi (season 4), Amarie (season 2), and others. MORE COMING SOON!