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This article is a page about the introductions of each season of Bad Girls Club. Each introduction includes a time card and a fight that will happen during the season.

Season Two[]


In this introduction, it shows numeral arguments and altercations involving the new bad girls, including cast introductions from Hanna, Neveen, Darlen, Jennavecia and Tanisha. Mainly part of this introduction is a fight between the Hyenas and the Party Girls

Season Three[]


In this introduction, this shows a fight between two bad girls in season three: Kayla Carter and Amber Meade, having a physical altercation in a car at the stop of a gas station.

Season Four[]


In this introduction, there is a fight between Natalie Nunn and Portia Beaman at the season four Bad Girls Club house, which as a result, made Portia remove herself from the show.

Season Five[]


In this introduction, this shows bad girls of season five against 3 others, but a target to one particular. This fight is between bad girls: Brandi, Danielle, Erica and Lea vs. Morgan, Cat and Kristen. This caused Morgan to be removed from the show after breaking in the production room.

Season Six[]


In this introduction, this shows police coming to the Bad Girls house, and Nikki and the rest explain what had happened after people reported loud noises, after Ashley's friends came and tried to take over the house, there was a fight between Lauren, Kori and Nikki and new bad girl Ashley. Char was also involved.

Ending Quote: "Read the sign, read the sign, Bad Girls Club, bitches!" - Char.

Season Seven[]


In this introduction, it shows Judi Jai pouring cereal in a pot and pouring it on Priscilla Mennella as she was "sleeping", they both got into a physical altercation, as also Tasha Malek and Tiara Hodge got into a wrangle. As a result, Judi had blood on her face.

Ending Quote: "F**k with me, bitch! I'm awake now!" - Priscilla.

Season Eight[]


In this introduction, this shows all of the bad girls preparing to fight the twins, Danielle and Gabrielle. They trash the house and as the twins arrive, they try to add on to the trash. Dani pours trash in the bedroom where the girls are and throws the can at Gia, who retaliates and fights her, and the girls, except for Amy, jumps in. Gabi runs upstairs to the room and adds on to the fight.

Ending Quote:

"Are we done? Cause I have chipotle and I need to eat it," - Gabi.

"Yeah, I'm pretty hungry," - Dani.

Season Nine[]


In this introduction, Mehgan is on the phone with her grandmother and says that she's tired of her experience on BGC. Her grandmother tells her to be mature and after getting off the phone, the girls come back and Mehgan goes to Rima and grabs her hair, and fights her, Falen jumps in and Mehgan attacks the both of them.

Ending Quote: "All ya'll now, you let her in this house, she's dead!" - Falen.

Season Ten[]


In this introduction, Valentina and replacement, Nancy, are seen greasing up themselves with petroleum jelly, preparing to fight, while Paula and Stephanie are in the confessional room talking about it, when Nancy finds out that Rocky was laughing at her and talking about her behind her back on the phone. This infuriates her. When Rocky and Shannon both return to the house, Nancy confronts her about it, until Valentina makes the first hit. Alicia jumps in the fight, and Stephanie is yelling, trying to get it to stop. 

Season Eleven[]


In this introduction, the girls in the house all yell out, "Go home, Janelle!" The girls all try to make her leave the house. In the phone room, Janelle can be seen talking to someone on the phone, calling the girls "boring with a capital B." Gina, with a hat on, walks into Janelle's room, confronting her, and telling her that she's not going out with the girls anymore. Another flashback can be seen where the girls pour something on Janelle while she's sleeping. Gina tells her to pop off, Gina walks away, and Janelle tells her to slap her, and punches her aggressively on the head. Gina retaliates and starts to go after her to fight back, Shanae tries to stop the fight while Teresa and Tiana can be seen jumping in. Shanae can be seen angry at Janelle for hitting her while she walking away.

Ending quote: "Pop off when she's in your face!" - Shanae

Season Twelve[]

In this introduction, it focuses on Loren Jordan who breaks down about her father being in prison, and Jonica "Blu" Booth consoles her. Eventually, her emotional strife evolves into a confrontation with fellow bad girl Jada Cacchilli, who she confronts for being fake to Alexandria Rice and talking about her behind her back. Angered by Jada's refusal to take accountability, Loren and Jada get into a heated argument that leads to a physical altercation between the two. In the fight, it is distorted, but visibly the girls and security are seen attempting to end the altercation.

Season Thirteen[]

In this introduction, it focuses on Natalie Nunn's role as "puppet master" as the bad girls believe she is taking advantage of Judi Jackson who seemingly wants to be her friend. During the day, an argument between Camilla Poindexter and Natalie takes place as Camilla gets her hair done and Natalie is in the phone booth with Sarah Oliver and Judi. As Camilla tries to control herself and attempt to not physically provoke Natalie, Raquel "Rocky" Santiago takes a stand and defends her. This leads to a physical altercation between Natalie and Rocky, and Alyssa "Redd" Carswell jumps into the fight as well.

Season Fourteen[]

In this introduction, Jelaminah "Jela" Lanier, Shannon Clermont, and Shannade Clermont talk to the police about what happened in an altercation they were involved in with the other four girls. After the three girls left them to go to a nightclub on their own, the trio returned back home realizing that the girls, Jasmine Carter, Jenna Charland, Kat Florek, and Lauren Lewis maliciously damaged and ruined all of their personal belongings, leaving them outside covered in dirty condiments, and in the house's bathroom tub soaked in condiments. When the girls arrive back home, the four girls are lined up in the front of the house, prepared to fight them. The girls all get into a rumble, and it ends with Jela, Shannon, and Shannade breaking things around the house.

Season Fifteen[]

In this introduction, all of the girls, specifically Angela Babicz and Amber Thorne go against the sisters Jaimee Wallace and Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace in the bad girls' limousine. Fed up with their tirades, Amber physically attacks Jaimee and Jazmyn. The fight is then accompanied by Amber's "sister" Asia Jeudy, and the rest of the bad girls are involved. The fight ends up with the security guard yelling at the girls, telling them to calm down.

Season Sixteen[]

In this introduction, the opening shows a merged collage of two physical altercations involving Brynesha "Talone" Seegers and Zee Carrino. In the opening, it shows how Brynesha appears to be the particular target of the house. The girls wanted her to go home because she's a mother and has two daughters. When Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin and Tabatha "Dreamdoll" Robinson confront her, Brynesha holds her own against them. These confrontations would further lead into physical altercations between Brynesha and Zee, where Brynesha confronts her in a room. After one altercation, it appears that Brynesha tackles security and runs to fight Zee once more as she runs downstairs. It ends with Elladria yelling, "Zee, watch out!"

Season Seventeen[]

In this final introduction, Sayyora Badalbaeva has company over in her room, while Keyaira "Key" Hamilton sparks confrontation when she tries to force her company out of the house. After confronting her, Keyaira confronts Sayyora's guest for standing up, as if she felt provoked. When Keyaira continues to provoke Sayyora, the two get into a physical altercation when Keyaira hits her first.