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BGC9: Reunion Part 3
Bad Girls Club: Mexico
Season 9, Episode 16
Air date November 5, 2012
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BGC9: Reunion Part 2
Making it to the Mansion, ATL

BGC9: Reunion Part 3 is the third and last episode of the reunion of the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. It aired on November 5, 2012.


In part 3 of the reunion, Erika and Julie face each other and talk about all the scheming and flip flopping going on into the house that leads to a fight. Rima and Mehgan consider burying the hatchet but when Julie and Falen receive an unwanted gift it leads to a final explosive Bad Girls blowout. Ashley and Andrea decide to make amends and be cool with one another. In addition, a first look at BGC10 is shown.