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Aysia and Jada vs Diamond and Jonica is a fight between Jada Cacchilli, Aysia Garza, Jonica Booth and Diamond White on the twelfth season of Bad Girls Club.


When Tanisha ask Diamond a question, Aysia says that Diamond is irrelevant and shouldn't even be at the reunion. This causes Diamond to come on stage and tell Aysia off. When Diamond walks away, Aysia says to let her get her camera time. Diamond spins around and punches Aysia while Aysia was sitting down. Diamond continues to punch Aysia, while Aysia helplessly kicks in Diamond's direction. Not wanting her friend to get beat up, Jada pulls Diamonds hair and attempts to hit her. Jonica rushes over and punches Jada, giving her a black eye. Loren tries to hit Jada, but is quickly dragged away.

Winner: Tie