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Ashley vs. Nikki, Lauren and Kori
Season 6: Hollywood
Between Ashley King, Nikki Galladay, Lauren Spears and Kori Koether
Number of Fights 3

Ashley vs. Nikki, Lauren and Kori is the physical altercation between Ashley KingNikki GalladayLauren Spears and Kori Koether in the sixth season of Bad Girls Club. It is the opening fight of the season as well.


Cause of the fight

At the house, a lonely Ashley decides to invite some friends over while her housemates are out clubbing. When the girls arrive back from the club, they feel like Ashley's friends are being disrespectful leading to multiple physical altercations.

The fights

Ashley vs. Nikki & Lauren


Having enough, Lauren begins to scream in Ashley's face and then those two have a little pushing and shoving match. Nikki gets in the way and pushes Ashley and Ashley pushes her back and then as Nikki tries to fight back, she ends up being scratched in the face by Ashley and then they both start grabbing each other's dresses and shorts but then they are pulled away by Ashley's friends and Security. Ashley starts pulling Lauren's hair and the two begin to fight with Ashley rubbing her fist around Lauren's face whilst strangling her and almost choking her out. Nikki pulls back Lauren and Ashley's friend pulls back Ashley.

Winner: Ashley

Ashley vs. Kori

When the two are pulled apart, Kori runs up on Ashley and the two start fighting with Kori being side-slapped on the face by Ashley and then they both start to pull each others hair but a piece of Kori's hair is ripped out right after they are pulled apart from each other. Security grabs Ashley and her friends and pull them out of the house.

Winner: Ashley

Ashley vs. Lauren


Lauren comes to door only to be snatched by Ashley and Lauren attempts to swing on Ashley a few times but either hits security's arm or even misses regardless and Kori comes to assist Lauren and pulls her away from Ashley.

Winner: Tie



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