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Yeah, I'm ditzy as hell, I like it, it's fun!
Ashley Dye
Bad Girl Information
The Platinum Partygirl
February 24, 1990
Bartlett, Illinois
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 9: Mexico
16 episodes
Falen Ghirmai
Julie Ofcharsky
Natasha Smoot
Rima Mellal
Zuly Ramos
Andrea Jones (formerly)
Christina Salgado (formerly)
Erika Jordan
Mehgan James
The P.A.B.S
Stayed in the house in Season 9
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Ashley Elizabeth Dye (also known as The Platinum Party Girl) is a bad girl original on Season 9. Ashley is currently 33 years old and resides in Bartlett, Illinois.


Ashley is one of the few girls to make it to the end. While she was against Julie, Falen and the rest for picking on Rima, she warms up later on. She hates bullying because of how she was in a abusive relationship and loves herself. She is thought to be the quiet one up until you get in her face.


Season 9[]

Bad Girls

Episode 1 Episode 2-6 Episode 7-9 Episode 10-12 Episode 13
Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley Ashley
  1. Ashley made it to the end of the show.


Opponents Episode


Pretty Girl Bounced
DreaAshley1 Andrea The Tipping Point
AndreaHouse9 Hate-Lanta
AshleyMehgan9 Mehgan Fist, Fist, Bang Bang


Season 9[]