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Annie Andersen
Bad Girl Information
The Control Freak
December 12, 1983
Los Angeles, California
Bad Girls Club Appearances
Season 4
15 episodes
Amber McWha
Kendra James
Lexie Woltz
Portia Beaman
Flo Kaja
Kate Squillace
Natalie Nunn
Stayed in the house in Season 4
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She's an idiot. She doesn't even know how to write! It should be Y-O-U apostrophe R-E.

Annie Andersen (also known as The Control Freak) is an original bad girl on Season 4. Annie is currently 33 years old and she resides in Los Angeles, California.


Annie's sweet innocent demeanor is a cover for her bad behavior. A true Jekyll and Hyde character, she works as a phone sex operator at night while pursuing her MBA in marketing in the day. Annie is a control freak with a life goal of bodily perfections.


Season 4[]

Bad Girls Episodes
Episode 1 Episode 2-5 Episode 6-8 Episode 9-12 Episode 13
Annie Annie Annie Annie Annie Annie
  1. Annie made it to the end of the show.


Opponents Episode


Amber Alert!


Season 4[]