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Angie vs. Priscilla & Tasha
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Angie Castillo against Priscilla Mennella & Tasha Malek

Angie vs Priscilla & Tasha[]

A physical altercation between Angie, Priscilla and Tasha during the reunion.


After Perez asked Priscilla how she feels about Angelic, Priscilla response in a sarcastic way and said "Angie all day" . After their little argument Priscilla ends up calling Angelic a "Bitch" and they both stands up and gets in each other faces. Shelly and Tasha steps between the two to stop them from fighting and then Priscilla ends up pushing Angelic and the two starts fighting. Angelic swings and punches Priscilla in her face 5 times and scratches her on the side of her face twice on the left side of her face and 3 times on the right side of her face but in between the fight, Tasha sneakily jumps in and starts grabbing Angelic's arm so she can't swing on Priscilla but Angelic still managed to land most of her hits anyways While Priscilla pulls Angelic's hair and kicks her in the chest/stomach twice and the fight was then broken up.

Winner: Angie