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Angie & Shelly vs. Judi, Nasatsia and Tiara
Season 7: New Orleans
Between Shelly Hickman, Angie Castillo with Judi Jai, Nastasia Townsend and Tiara Hodge


After Shelly is trying to talk to Stasi & Tiara about not liking Judi and after Judi keeps talking over and interrupting her a crazy limo fight occurs as Shelly throws a drink on Team Real and then after Judi throws a drink back at Shelly, Angie jumps in the fight and throws a drink back at Stasi and then those 2 girls start arguing for a brief moment and then eventually Judi and Angie start fighting with both Judi and Angie repeatedly scratching and punching each other on their faces and then during this Tiara tries to break a water bottle but then the limo fight is eventually broken up and the fight goes from "Team Real VS Angie & Shelly " - "Angie VS Stasi & Tiara" outside in public and then Stasi runs up on Angie and as Security holds the two girls back, Stasi kicks Angie on her leg whilst Angie punches Stasi back on her leg and then Tiara runs up on Angie and these 2 girls attempt to swing on each other but both hits are blocked by security and the fight eventually ends there with Angie & Shelly being sent to Jail for the night.

Winner: Tie