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Angela and Kristina vs. Jaimee and Jazmyn
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Between Kristina Babicz, Angela Babiczand Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace, Jaimee Wallace
Number of Fights 2


Round 1

After an argument between the Babicz sisters and the Wallace sisters, All 4 girls eventually stand up and run up on each other only for Jaimee to double-punch Kristina but Jazmyn and Angela couldn't get to each other as security quickly held them back and the fight ends there.

Winners: Jaimee and Jazmyn

Round 2

After allison and melissa enter the stage. The girls talk to Tanisha about her experience and her friendships made at the house. This irritates Jazmyn and Jaimee since they consider that all this is false, so they are reprimanded for it. tired of the situation, kristina jumps to the defense of allison and melissa and starts a shouting match to the point that kristina can't take it and together with angela they run towards Jaz and Jaimee who immediately get up and start hitting kristina, angela jumps into the fight but she is quickly retained by security after being kicked by jazmyn. while kristina is on the ground while jazmyn pulls her hair while hitting her repeatedly on the head. Jaimee is held by security trying to struggle with angela. finally the fight breaks up and the girls return to their backstage rooms.

Winners: Jazmyn and Jaimee


Kristina and Angela takes a break and both gets escolted to their backstage room. Meanwhile Jazmyn and Jaimee stays in the stage arguing an yelling at Asia. Jaimee threats Melissa and is kicked out of the reunion with Jazmyn.


Allegedly Jazmyn and Jaimee after arguing with Asia and threatening Melissa to fight her. An audience member squares up and had a physical fight with Jaimee. That fight is not shown and this was supposedly the real reason why The Wallace sister are kick out of the reunion special.