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Andrea vs. Julie, Falen, Ashley and Rima
Season 9: Mexico
Between Andrea Jones, Julie Ofcharsky, Falen Ghirmai, Ashley Dye and Rima Mellal
Number of Fights 1

Andrea vs. Julie, Falen, Ashley, and Rima is the physical altercation between Andrea Jones, Julie OfcharskyFalen GhirmaiAshley Dye, and Rima Mellal in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club. As a result, Andrea voluntarily departs from the house.


Julie, Falen, Ashley, and Rima all want to escort Andrea out of the house by packing her items and belongings. When Andrea refuses to leave and tries to stop the four from doing that, the girls start throwing food and drinks at Andrea bullying her. Julie and Andrea fight, Julie lightly punches Andrea in the head three times before Andrea punches her back on her neck, both struggle and before they start to grab hair, after that, Falen, Ashley, and Rima start grabbing and hitting Andrea who was still fighting Julie. Falen burns Andrea with a cigarette and security tried break it up as Andrea tries to fight the other girls as well, the girls keep punching and pouring food and sauce of Andrea who was struggling. The fight eventually gets broken up and Andrea upper cuts Julie. Andrea leaves with the cigarette burn, food and drinks spilled on her. Andrea decides to leave when the four girls throw her items on the road.

Winner: Andrea for being jumped but holding her own


  • Ashley claimed that she was trying to break up the fight but it is unclear if she was attempting to jump in or pull Andrea out of the fight. Either way Ashley is still a jump-a-hoe for getting involved anyways