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Andrea vs. Ashley
Season 9: Mexico
Between Andrea Jones and Ashley Dye
Number of Fights 2

Andrea vs. Ashley is the physical altercations between Andrea Jones and Ashley Dye in the ninth season of Bad Girls Club.


Round 2


A drunk Ashley attempts to defend Rima during a fallout with Andrea. When this occurs, Ashley and Andrea are involved in a long feud when Andrea insults Ashley's eating disorder, which causes Ashley to blow a fuse. The feud continues when Andrea approaches Ashley and the girls, convincing Ashley to fight her. The two fight twice outside. The second round outside is when Andrea tells Ashley she wants to fight her, so this makes Ashley's angry. Ashley grabs Andrea and pushes her into a door, Andrea then slam's Ashley on a chair to the ground and punches her. The third round outside starts with Ashley acting as if she is going to spit on Andrea. Andrea then covers Ashley's mouth. Ashley then pushes Andrea into a flower and when Andrea reaches out she is kicked and hit by Ashley, finally reaches out of the flower Andrea grabs Ashley's hair and spins her around. The fight is then broken up.

Winner: Andrea