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Amy vs. Demitra
Season 8: Las Vegas
Between Amy Cieslowski and Demitra Roche

Amy vs. Demitra is the physical altercations between Amy Cieslowski and Demitra Roche in the eighth season of Bad Girls Club.


After her fight with Mimi and Gia on the first night, Amy searches for her weave. She asks the girls where it is and they mockingly say that they hide it. Amy becomes very offended and begins to yell at them. Mimi decides that she doesn't want to listen to Amy and the two begin arguing. That's when Amy punched Mimi in the throat. The two get into a slap fight. Amy punches Mimi in the eye causing it to swell. Mimi falls to the ground and kicks Amy in the legs, as a result of this fight, the girls all agree that Amy should leave, but this backfires.

Winner: Amy



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