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Amber M vs. The House
Season 3
Between Amber Meade and Whitney Collings, Ailea Carr,  Tiffany Davis
Number of Fights 2

Amber M. vs. Whitney, Ailea and Tiffany is the physical altercation between Amber Meade and Whitney CollingsAilea Carr and Tiffany Davis. Whitney and Ailea are removed from the house as a result of this fight.


During a night in Cancun, Amber is picked on by the Fab 5. When Amber threatens takes off her shoe and threatens Whitney with it. Whitney charges at Amber and pulls Ambers hair. Suddenly Ailea grabs Amber's hair but quickly let's go. Amber and Whitney keep pulling each other's hair, the other girls beg them to let go as Sarah holds back Ailea. After the fight breaks up, Tiffany and Amber end up fighting as Whitney pulls Amber by her hair down on the concrete. She ends up getting kicked in the face while the other girls were hitting and kicking her. The fight is broken up and Amber is sent to a hotel.

Winner: Tie



Due to the bruises on Amber's face and jaw, Production sends Whitney home. When Amber arrives back to the house, she tells Ailea she needs to leave.