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Amber vs. Kayla
Season 3
Between Kayla Carter and Amber Meade
Number of Fights 3

Amber M. vs. Kayla is the physical altercation between Amber Meade and Kayla Carter in Season 3 of Bad Girls Club. Kayla is sent home after the altercation.


Round 1


After Kayla and Amber M get into an argument with each other, Kayla pours juice all over her and Amber M throws water back at her and they both throw drinks at each other once more and the fight ends there with Kayla and Amber M going back and forth during their argument with each other and the fight ends there.

Winner: Tie

Round 2


As Kayla and Amber M are arguing with each other in the car whilst Amber B is driving, Kayla slaps Amber M's arm and the 2 get into a hand slapping match until Amber M eventually calls out Kayla to fight her if she wants to start throwing fists at her and then Round 3 happens at a gas station.

Winner: Tie

Round 3

Kayla and Amber argue continuously over money in the car as Amber B. drives. When this occurs, Amber forces Kayla to get out of the car to fight her at a gas station. The girls start to argue, kick, and punch each other. Amber pushes Kayla into the car as they both choke each other.

Winner: Amber M.


Amber makes the decision to send Kayla home. Respecting her decision without a fight, Kayla packs up and leaves the house.



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