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Kristina, Amber and Asia vs. Jazmyn, Jaimee, Susu and Hanan
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Between Jazmyn "Jaz" Wallace, Jaimee Wallace, Susu Ibrahim, Hanan Ibrahim and Amber Thorne, Asia Jeudy, Kristina Babicz

Amber, Asia & Kristina vs. Jaimee, Jazmyn, Susu, & Hanan is a physical altercation in Season 15 in episode 8, OG Overthrow.


When the OGs come back home locked out, when they come through the back door and Jaimee calls the girls fake because the same thing that the Ibrahim's did , the Wallace Sisters get yelled at for it. The 3 gets into an argument with the Wallace Sisters with the Ibrahim Sisters believe that the Wallace Sisters are getting bullied. Kristina accidently hits Hanan in which the rest of the house fight everyone. Kristina goes after Jazmyn while Jaimee jumps in. Susu fights Amber and Asia grabs Jaimee and starts swinging on her later kicking Jaimee. Susu also jumps in to fight Amber. Only the Ibrahim Sisters are still in the house while the rest of them are sent to a hotel.

Winner: Tie