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Amanda and Victoria vs. The House
Season 15: Twisted Sisters
Between Victoria Hepperle, Amanda Hepperle and Kristina Babicz, Angela Babicz, Amber Thorne, Asia Jeudy

Amanda & Victoria vs The House is a physical altercations between Kristina Babicz, Angela Babicz, Amber Thorne, & Asia Jeudy against the the newest set of twins Amanda Hepperle & Victoria Hepperle in Season 15 in Episode 3, Release the Beast and Other Tall Tales.


Olivia "Liv" Adams & Diamond "Dime" Jimenez came up with the idea of playing a prank on the the twins to make them feel unwelcomed in the house. So they decide to decorate the house with tape and Asia came up with the idea to throw flour on the twins. The twins come in with lingerie and strippers. The two are immediately hit with flower causing one of the girls to attack Kristina causing a huge brawl between them and the Babicz sisters. After the initial fight, one of the twins hits Angela with the handcuffs. Angela attacks the twins while Amber runs down the stairs and hits one of them in the head. The twins immediately run out of the house. After talking to production, the twins leave and the producers calls the house out for their actions.


On June 9, 2016, Amanda and Victoria sued the girls, NBC, Bunin-Murray Productions, Atrium Entertainment, and 50 unnamed members of production due to the prank. A link to the suit can be found here:

Release the beast

(Amber, Kristina, & Angela before the prank.)


(The twins when they leave.)